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Peter Tork!

My favorite Peter pic!

Peter Tork is my favorite of all the Monkees. In the show, he always played the less intelligent, but sweet Monkee. He had the toughest acting job of them all because in reality, Peter is very intelligent with important views on society and life in general. Peter is also known as the "spritual" Monkee. In the sixties, Peter was very much interested in religion and philosophy. He was known to spark deep philosophical conversations between himself, some of the other Monkees, and sometimes Jimi Hendrix, LuLu, and George Harrison.

Full Name:Peter Halsten Thorkelson
Also Known As:Petrov! The Face! Peter, Peasant of Tork!
Birthdate:February 13th, 1942 (He'll be 58!)
Marital Status:Currently single (married three times)
Children:One son, one daughter.
Before the Monkees:Singing waiter and College student.
After the Monkees:Musician, Singing Waiter, School Teacher, Sports Coach, and Guest Star.
Peter's Favorite Monkee:Davy

Peter According to Micky Dolenz
(From Micky's biography, I'm a Believer by Micky Dolenz and Mark Bego. Copywright 1993)
Peter Tork
Bohemian, heart of gold, tortured, compassionate, sometimes annoying, intellectual, altruistic, and one of the kindest men I have ever known.
Peter Tork's Dressing Room
Wall-to-wall musical instruments and assorted paraphernalia. Keyboards, guitars, amps, microphones, tape recoreders, sheet music. You never had to look around for Peter. If you needed him you could always find him hunched over his Fender Rhodes practiciing a Bach Three-Part Invention.

A scene from Micky's book
Int. Jackie Cooper's Office-Day
The four Monkees, Jackie Cooper, Bob and Bert, and some various and sundry assistant assistants are gathered in the office.
Mike is reading a copy of Car and Driver, Davy is doing his nails, Micky is gazing out the window, and Peter is pacing around like a caged tiger.
Jackie:All I'm saying is that we should be careful not to make statements that would compromise the integrity of the show and the sensibilities of the viewing audience.
Peter:That's the same kind of bourgeoisie, establishment crap that has repressed the masses and lined the pockets of the fat-cat, big business facist pigs!
Davy:Does anyone have an emery board?
Bob:Peter, I sympathize with you, but we discussed this, remember? And we decided that this is not the appropriate platform to expound on personal issues.
Mike:Man, look at this new Buick Riviera. I gotta have me one of these.
Peter walks over to the window and stares out into the gray L.A. day. Bob gets up, walks over to him, and puts an arm around his shoulder. Peter starts to cry softly.

Peter was the first Monkee to leave the group, as depicted in this scene from Micky's book.
Ext.Mike Nesmith's Hilltop House-Day
The house is barely visible behind a tall security fence. "FRAK", a huge attack-trained German Shepherd is patroling the inside perimeter. You can occasionally see his cold, savage eyes peering out through the cyclone fencing.
Int. House-Day
Micky, Peter,and Davy are sitting around the wet bar that borders the indoor/outdoor pool. Micky is staring out the window, daydreaming. Davy is doing his nails, Peter is shifting about nervously.
Mike:(Slow drawl)Hey, did you guys see that new four-wheel-drive pickup truck in Car and Driver?
Davy:Does anybody have an emery board?
Micky:(Wistfully)Wouldn't it be neat if, like, a flying saucer came down and, like, landed in your yard and...
Peter:(gravely)Guys...I'm quitting the group.
All eyes turn to Peter. Is he joking? His eyes say not. Micky, Mike, and Davy exchange glances. Nobody knows what to say. Finally, Mike breaks the silence.
Mike:Well, good buddy. You gotta do what you gotta do.

According to Micky, nobody was suprised when Peter left. Peter always wanted the guys to be a group and they really hadn't done anything group-wise since "Headquarters". Micky believes that the day that Peter quit was the day that the Monkees really ended (Although Micky, Mike and Davy made two more albums. Then Mike left and Micky and Davy made one more.) Micky also believes that "the day Peter quit was probably the happiest day of Mike's life. They'd never really gotten along, right from day one. Mike had always perceived Peter as untenable, and they'd always been adversarial, if not outright combative. Finally he was out of the way. Now Mike could get on with doing what he had always wanted to do, make the Monkees his group.

Peter will always be my favorite Monkee. He was and still is extremely talented. Currently he tours with his band, Shoe Suede Blues and is known to appear as a guest on various sitcoms and television shows.

My Favorite Peter Sung Songs

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