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My 1976 Nova Shark

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In 1976, the Motortown Corporaton in Michigan came out with the Nova Shark to commemorate the movie JAWS. The company is no longer in business, and the legend of the Shark remains a mystery. I have been told that there were only 300 of these cars made and were distrubuted 1 car each to 300 Chevrolet dealerships throughout the midwest. They also had different powerhouses including a big bad 6 cylinder, a 305, a 350, and a 4-speed. This car had a 350 and was originally black with the signature gold/tan stripes that made it a shark. I am fully aware that the shark did not have an SS grille and had the honeycomb wheels, and the stripes were in different locations. Unfortunatly, the rear quarter panel had a run in with a light pole and the car was repainted and the decals lost. I have the original build sheet from the car as well as some paperwork stating that the car was purchased from what is now Woodfield Chevrolet in Schaumburg, IL. I plan to restore the car, but the money and lack of shark replacement parts are holding me back. The distincting features of this car were a spoiler on the rear of the car, and the special shark decals. Unfortunately, most of them are lost or destroyed, and are virtually impossible to come by. If you have any of these decals, or any more information about the 1976 Nova Shark, please email me. We have to try to save the Shark from extinction.

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