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MSFL MT. Sterling Football League


Hi Managers,


DRAFT DAY IS Wed, Aug 20th!!

The 2003 Mt. Sterling Football season is about to begin its eleventh season. I, Steve Wort, will be your commissioner once again for this year, and I really am looking forward to an exciting and competitive race to the championship. I’m sure the rest of you are as well.

Review of last year’s rules….

There will be 12 teams in the league this year as in the past. We will start with everyone selecting the player from last year’s roster to keep and then proceed with actual drafting in this order…

  1. Tom Tracy 7. John Campbell
  2. Shane Fagan/Aaron Foster 8. Don Kerley
  3. Randy Stocker 9. SteveWort/Mike Babb
  4. Todd Koch 10. Dave Northup
  5. Harold Crater 11. Ron Wort/Al Cann
  6. Paul Kurjanski 12. Dale Gadberry


A player kept by any team cannot be kept in back to back years by any team. Thus, once a player is kept, that player must go back into the regular draft for the following year. The players that were kept last year and headed to the player pool:

  1. Aaron Brooks 7. Ahman Green
  2. Ricky Williams 8. Curtis Martin
  3. LaDainian Tomlinson 9. Kordell Stewart
  4. Priest Holmes 10. Shaun Alexander
  5. Peyton Manning 11. Corey Dillon
  6. David Boston 12. Terrell Owens



Managers do not have to turn in their full starting line-ups early because of games played earlier than Sunday. If want to start a player that will be playing on a Thursday or Saturday game, you must declare to the league you will be starting said player before the start of the game. Therefore, if you don’t have any players playing until Sunday, you can wait until that morning to turn in your line-up.

Each manager must turn in each week a full or partial starting line-up no later than 15 minutes before the start of the game. Your starters can be left via voice mail at Ext. 2263 or e-mail to or leave online at the MSFL web site Please, if at all possible, leave your lineups on the web site. Also, you may contact me in person at home 773-3501 or at work Ext. 2263. The starting line-ups will include the following players.


1 Quarterback

2 Running Backs

2 Wide Receivers

1 Tight End

1 Kicker

1 Team Defense/Special Team


1 Quarterback

1 Running Back

3 Wide Receivers

1 Tight End

1 Kicker

1 Team Defense/Special Team

A manager may draft any number of players for a position, but only gets 10 draft picks and the player kept from last year’s roster. It is obviously recommended that the managers fill the above 8 positions and then select reserves to ensure a full starting line-up.


In determining who finishes first , second and third in the final standings, we will use head to head games played in the regular season to break ties in case two or more team finish the season with the same record. If the teams tied with the same record played twice during the regular season and split both games, then the tiebreaker will be points scored in those two games. Finally, in case a tie still remains, the tiebreaker will be total points scored in all games.


Points scored by players will be as follows:

6 pts-Any rushing or receiving TD.

6 pts-Any defensive TD(int, fum,etc.)

6 pts-Any Special Team punt or kick return TD.

6 pts-A defensive shutout of the opponent.

3 pts-A defense holding the opponent under 10 pts.

3 pts-Any TD pass thrown by QB or any other player.

3 pts-Any field goal kicked through the uprights.

3 pts-Additional points for field goal of 50 yards or more.

2 pts-Any time a 2 point conversion after TD scored by rushing or receiving.

2 pts-Any safety for a defensive team.

1 pt –Any 2 pt. Conversion pass thrown by QB or other player.

1 pt –Any extra point kicked through the uprights.

1 pt –Any sack or Interception.

1 pt –Any defensive fumble recovery.

In addition to the above scoring, points will be awarded for yardage as follows:

3 pts- For every 50 yard increment by rushing or receiving.

If a running back or receiver has 50 yards or over but less than 100 yards, that player will score 3 points for this yardage. If the player has 155 yards rushing or receiving, that’s 9 yardage points for your team.

3 pts- For every 100 yard increment passing.

Each 100 yards passed by any player scores an additional 3 yardage points. A 500 yard day scores 15 points!


The costs are as follows:

$30.00 Start-up Fee, Due on Draft Day

$5.00 Commissioner Fee, pays for software/supplies. Due on Draft Day

$2.00 Each time your team loses in a given week.

$2.00 Per team for a trade of players for weeks 1 through 11.

$4.00 Per team for a trade of players for weeks 12 through 17.

$2.00 Every time a team picks from player pool (Entire season)

To clarify the trading rules we don't like to see cash involved to keep teams from buying a title like the stinkin' Yanks do. It also keeps teams from selling off players when the manager feels they no longer have a chance. We really want the league to be a fun league. As far as trading goes. There is no trading at all and no add/drops made until the draft is complete. Trading and add/drops are only allowed from week 1 thru week 17 and thru the NFC and AFC championship games. Once the championships games have started, your roster is frozen until next years draft.

This is all the contributions the league will receive during the entire season. Managers may make trades with other teams within the league for any amount you see fit, but both teams making the trade must pay the add & drop fee to the league and please note. TEAMS MUST KEEP ROSTERS FULL. Both teams making the trade must pay add & drop fees to keep their rosters full unless specified in trade bargaining. That means the team you are dealing with must pay the fees or the fees will be charged to both teams making the trade.


 Well guys, the season is just around the corner and DRAFT DAY IS AUG 20TH AT THE LAKE.

We will have burgers and brats again this year at the lake. Everything will be provided with $3 cost for food. The food will be ready to eat by 5:30 with the draft following shortly. We would like to start drafting at least by 6:00. Dale Gadberry, manager of the four time champion Holy Stompers, I’m sure is ready to defend his title and I know eleven other teams ready to take it away. Looking forward for another successful season with friends of football.