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I took over Mighty Mouse's house

This site is a Daria related site. All uses of Daria are done so without permission, so cry about it. After much reasoning with my subconscious, I felt that Mighty Mouse needed to leave the site, so he did. Creep. Feel free to check out the site. I should have the pix up soon (like when I quit my job, the play, school....which will never happen!) But I will get the pix up by summer. Hehe, that sounds so bad! Look for the NEW DARIA EPISODE FEBRUARY 25!!
Okay, with that out of the way, I want you all to know that you should feel free to email me on how bad my site sucks and what I should do to make it better. Trust me, all critcisms will be considered before I press the Delete button. Anyone wanting to post their fics here, feel free. I'll let ya! And without further ado, Adios!

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