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The Story of Rainbow Brite

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There was once a girl named Wisp and she heard of a place called Rainbowland that was being destroyed by darkness. The person who was responsible for this horrible deed was the dark one. He was turning the planet into a horrible, dreary place. Wisp wanted to save the planet. She needed to find the color belt and the sphere of light. On this little mission is when she first meets twink!After Wisp found Twink she found Starlite. They also found a baby on their journey. Wisp having a kind, caring heart couldn't desert the baby so she took it with them. Wisp went inside a cave to seek shelter from rain and thats where she found the Color Belt. She aslo discovered that the baby was the Sphere of Light. After that she was informed that the color kids needed to be rescued so Wisp went out and saved them. She rescued all seven color kids. After rescuing all the color kids Wisp had to defeat the dark one. Of course, Wisp defeated him and restored love, happiness, and color to all of the land. She was then called Rainbow Brite and put in charge of watching over Rainbowland and the color kids. The color kids are Patty O'Greene, Indigo, Shy Violet, Butler Red, Canary Yellow, Buddy Blue, and last but most certaintly not least Lala Orange.
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