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Yay Karaness

Stuff you don't care about

Name: Kara or Skittles
Birthday: February 22, 1984
Age: This tends to change every year so just go by my birthday and you'll be set
Favorite song: hmmm at the moment...probably steamer trunk by alkaline trio. That or Mr. T Experience - I don't need you now
Hobbies: Driving around for hours with no specific destination, sleeping forever, taking care of my dog and her puppies...My puppies grew up and are now three year old dogs. I don't update this page.
Favorite movies: The wizard of Oz,labryinth, legend, lord of the rings...etc.
Favorite cartoon: Rainbow Brite tops the list but Lady lovelylocks was pretty cool too...

Nikole & Kara'sFriendship Pie

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