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King Kobra Sounds

Downloading varies from browser to browser, you may need to left click or you may need to right click.

Jesse (Full MP3) - First available song off new album "Hollywood Trash". Carmine Appice, Kelly Keeling, and Steve Fister, with special guests C.C. DeVille and Mick Sweda.

It's My Life (Full MP3) - Written by Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons of KISS and intended for their Creatures Of The Night album, then given to Wendy O. Williams who first released it on her solo album, and then re-worked to kick ass on King Kobra III.

Take It Off (Full MP3) - From King Kobra III, also made into a video.

Hunger (Full MP3) - Cover version by Spectre General on the 1986 Transformers Soundtrack, originally appeared on Ready To Strike.