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Country Western Gifs

My husband and I love horses and the western theme over all. We live in the country and hope to have some horses in our barn real soon. My husband's Grandfather used to have a small rodeo. He called his dude ranch the Buck Deer Ranch. I hope you enjoy some of the gifs I have here for you. If you would like to use these feel free. I would appreciate it if you could transload them to your server. I have put a link to a WebTV Scarpbook Uploader on the bottom of this page.

I believe that all of these are from public domain but if you see something of yours please let me know and I will give you credit or remove them upon request.

I wanted to enlarge this site for my dear friend Donetta. She loves horses and she means an awful lot to me. Her and her Mom, Pat, have been such good friends to me that I wanted to give them something special. I hope you enjoy these my friends!

I want to thank Jeanne for giving me this award

~~Yeeeeee Hawwwwwww~~

4 hat picture
8 seconds
Animated ride (needs light BG)
Barrel Race
Black and White Barrel
Cowboy Line
Cowboy on Horse
Desert Line
Wagon and Horses
Herd Silouette
Horsehead in Shoe
Large Log House
SW Grouping
Outlaw House

~~More Cowboys and Stuff~~

Cowboy on Horse
Couple Dancing
Winter Scene
Small Horseshoe
Animated Bullet
Cowboy with Gun
Hat and Boots
Large Cactus
Cowboy and Stage
Cowboy Winks
Giving A Kiss
Large Cowboy
Teamrope (need light BG)
Cowboy Silouette
Another Silouette
Saddle on Fence
Cowboy on Bucking Horse
Roundup Silouette
Animated Cowboy Shoots
Cowboy with Rope

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