Welcome to my custom toy site I do admit I copied a few designs but I gave them my own touch. Most of these however are original

Bardock: Father of Goku:The head is one of the New irwin Gokus while the body is a Irwin SS Trunks from the new Irwin series of DBZ as well. I glued a piece of red rag on the back to make it look like a bandana

Green Arrow: Future Style:I got him holding the Bow he got from a Jurassic park fig so you can see it better hes a Xanatos from gargoyles

A drow Elf, made from a aoa magneto sword from Pirate Batman har har matey or something

Coke Mom: The super hero mom from the coke comercials a few years back, made from a spiderwoman

A Warrior in Black, from a Double Dragon spinny type guy, sword from Hellena

Arsenal: made from a JLA Green Arrow and a wee bit of sculpty for the hair

Brianna Diggers: she was made from a 10 inch she hulk.

A Cat Warrior from Magic The Gathering: Made from ALOT of sculpty for his mighty mighty pecs and from a Primal Rage guy his loincloth is spose to be black but the camera disagrees heh

Cutey Honeys:Made from cheap James Bond chicks

Impulse:My First figure! Made from a Robin from the new Batman series. For his gloves and lighting head bolt things I used posterboard. This is the animated version

Jade:made from some secret weapon Jean Grey

SB Roughnight:I made the lightsaber from a broken lightsaber, the handle is a screw.Made from a Seaquest guy

MR X:comic version:He's made from an Age of Apocolipse Apocolipse.

Nightwing:Made from a LOTDK Nightwing

Rowdy Roddy Piper: an old piper toy repaint

The Front of Rebecca Chambers.

Here is Rebecca's back!!! Shes made from a Shard fig

Capt Marvel:Animated version:used a Capture Net Superman

Solid Snake: made from an x factor cannonball. Gun is from Han Solo

Almagam Super-Soldier:Made from a Quicksilver, the belt was made from atwist tie and the shield is poster board

Supergirl:Made from Poison Ivy and Capture net superman's cape. The dress is made of sculpty

Wonder Woman:Made from a Onslaught Jean Grey

Cactus JackThis was made from a Mankind w/ removable mask, the shirt was handsewn by my granny, we used fabric glue to fix the paper wanted poster on his chest. Also you can't see it but on the legs cactus is painted on each leg.

VAMPIRE WILLOW:from the Buffy episodes "The Wish" and "Dopelleganger" Shes made from a GEN X White Queen.

Vampire Lucas: This a generic Vampire from Buffy.a Toy Biz Morph Figure

Batman Beyond:repaint of the 1st edition of Batman Beyond.

Freefall:made from a Secret Weapon Jean Grey , Shotgun Mary's Jacket, and Necromancer's necklace.

KANE:Made from a Ultimate Warrior one figure and sculpty for a mask. I saw this on a website but tweaked it.

Small Roddy Piper:made from a small headbanger mosh

SGT Slaughter: Repaint of Commish Slaughter

Tazz: I sanded the hair off of a titantron Ken Shamrock and used a piece of cloth for a towel.

Terry Funk:made out of a Jake the Snake 1 and I used sculpty for his bandana. I got this one off of a website and tweaked it.

Chris Jericho: A Y2J made from a signature series Edge.

Scarlet Spider: Made from some Spiderman toy, yeah I know the Webshooters are huge, thats the last time I let other people sculpt for me!

Superboy: Made from a Large Size Peter Parker Doll. Jacket came with the doll but the sunglasses were donated from a Lara Croft thingy

Spoiler Unmasked:My Favorite Chick-Vigilante until the Jerks at DC decided theyd make her Preggo. Body was from a Lost in space Judy Robinson, Head from An Elle Jurassic Park Fig and the cape is from a Pirate Batman

Howard The Duck: Head is from a Disney happy meal toy of Daisy Duck and the body is from a Burger King IQ toy.

Dark Knight Returns Batman:repainted Pirate Batman and a cape from some Batman Movie figure.

Female Robin from Dark Knight Returns: This is a Superpowers Robin with a Cape from the Huntress. The Slingshot was made from Wire.

Dead Super Saiyan Gohan from Trunks Future: Made from a Gohan Figure. Yes thats a Halo from a twist tie.

Krillin w/ Hair in Combat Gear: Yeah a simple Repaint.

This is all for now! Thanx to Lonnie & Kevin for helping me w/ makin these figs!!Also thanx to my Granny Judy for helping me sew the material on some of the figures!

oh yeah and on a few pictures, some of the colors are wrong simpley because the camera blows..its weird so...if something seems off I did it right its just the cursed camera ripped me off.

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