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How to get to Grundy County Speedway

How to get to the Grundy County Speedway

The Grundy County Speedway is located about twenty minutes WEST of Joliet, one mile north of I-80, on Rte 47, Morris, Illinois.

From Indiana, go west on I-80 (Borman Expressway).

It's about 50 minutes from the state line to Rte 47. Look for the Morris Water tower which is visible about a mile before the Rte 47 exit. Go NORTH (right) about a minute and we are on your right.

From Chicago, take I-55 south to I-80, then WEST on I-80 about 15 minutes to Rte 47. Turn South (right) on Rte 47 and we are about a minute north of I-80 on your right.

From Wisconsin, take I-90 US 39-51 south. When I-90 and 39 splits, stay on US 39 all the way to I-80 and go EAST on I-80 about 20 minutes to Rte 47 (Morris) and go NORTH one mile to the speedway.

The track phone number is (815) 942-5043.