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Books on self-injury

= Butterfly's picks

A Bright Red Scream...An amazing book which presents the "voice" of people who self-injure. Might be a little bit triggering
The Scarred Soul: Understanding & Overcoming Self-Mutilation....A workbook, from what I hear, it's REALLY good
Bodies Under Siege : Self-Mutilation and Body Modification...The first book ever written about SI, and the namesake of the BUS mail group
Skin Game (memoir)
Cut (fiction)...Another work of fiction.
Understanding Self-Injury: A Workbook for Teens
Healing the Hurt Within...About all sorts of self-destructive behavior... she's coming out with a new book just about self-injury soon!
Cutting...By Steve Levenkron. I'm not very impressed with the man's other works, but this is an okay book
The Luckiest Girl in the World...Another Levenkron work, a fictional story about a figure skater who cuts.
Women Who Hurt Themselves : A Book of Hope and Understanding
Women and Self Harm