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Sidebar links

There are so many sidebars which could have been made during the making of this nutrition section; however, I do not feel qualified enough to make most of them. Because of this, I will simply direct you to more reliable resources (both on the net and off) so you can gather more information on certain topics.

Ethics of vegeterianism and Animal Welfare
Factory Farming, mindful meat-eating and fish consumption
Genetic engineering and GMO's
Organic food and pesticides

Ethics of vegetarianism and Animal Welfare

Farm Sanctuary
Ethics and Philosophy from
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals Animal Rights FAQ
Why Vegans Don't Eat Honey
Why Vegans Don't Do Dairy
Spiritual Vegans
Why Go Vegan?
The Great American Meatout

Factory Farming, mindful meat consumption

The MEATrix (spoof on The Matrix, amusing but informative)
The GRACE Factory Farm Project
Factory Farming: The Truth Hurts
Factory Farming: Mechanized Madness
Eat Well Guide
Guide to Sustainable Seafood (PDF file)
Oceans Alive seafood spotlight

Genetically modified and engineered foods

Mother's For Natural Law
GE Foods from the Organic Consumers Association
Information from Greenpeace USA
True Food Now Spotting Frankenfoods in your shopping cart
From the vegan society
Genetically Engineered Foods

Organic foods and pesticides

Store Wars: From the makers of The Meatrix. Starring Cuke Skywalker, Princess Lettuce, Chewbroccoli, Ham Solo, C3 Peanuts, Tofu D2, and more...
Organic Consumers Association Organic Links, Pesticides in Produce
Why reducing pesticide exposure is smart
Don't Panic, Eat Organic!
Why consumers are turning organic Reasons to Buy Organic

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