Welcome to Tippy's Library. These characters have long since been put to bed, but I hope that they continue to be a source of reading fun for Monkee fans.

In the five years since I started this series, it's been great hearing from all of you who have read (or re-read) the stories over the years. I've been criticized, plagerized, but through it all, it was a blast seeing these characters go from their beginnings in the Time Machine to where they ended up. Who knows, maybe someday I'll give EVERYBODY the happy ending they deserve.

Anyway, I just want to thank everybody that helped make this site what it is, who helped me with writing ideas, and who inspired me to do something fun. We all need distractions from time to time, and writing these stories helped me through a very tough time in my life. It helped create a world that, much like the Monkees fictional TV world, was a place where friendship, family, and peace eventually ruled...and most things got solved in thirty mintues.

However, in re-reading these stories myself, I saw many gleaming gramatical and structural errors that I'm in the process of cleaning up. I will be tweaking things here and there, and maybe adding a missing link (ha!) in places as well. So, if you're coming back to re-read, please feel free to let me know what you think!

Chapters will be posted as they are edited, so be sure to check back periodically.

Oh, and DON'T FORGET TO SIGN THE GUESTBOOK! My last Dreambook has been really crappy and kept loosing entries. So, whether you're a first time visitor, or a repeat reader, I'd love to hear from you. So, even if you think you've signed before, please, please sign again. You can read the old Dreambook if you want to as well.

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The Time Machine

The Original "The Time Machine" Monkees fanfiction. The one that started it all. Go from the year 2000, all the way back to an alternate universe in 1966 with Adriana Wilson and her friends as they meet...The Monkees.

Part One: Take a Giant Step
Part Two: What You Have Seen, You Must Believe...If You Can
Part Three: The Way We Run
Part Four: A Conversation With Myself
Part Five: Remember All the Songs You Sang for Me
Part Six: Cloudy Waters Cast No Reflection
Part Seven: She Always Said There'd Come a Time When One Would Leave...

Special Section: Behind the Fanfic, The Time Machine

And The Beat Goes On

The story continues...

Part One: Lightening Strikes
Part Two: Ask Your Mommy and Daddy
Part Three: Shortcut Home
Part Four: It Never Rains In California
Part Five: January Rain
Part Six: And Baby Makes...How Many??
Part Seven: The End of the Beginning

If I Could

The gang meets Adriana's cousin, Katerina.

Part One: Love to Me Is Green Eyed and Blonde
Part Two: Happy, Happy, Happy
Part Three: Daytime Moon
Part Four: A Pocket Full of Mumbles
Part Five: Everything That Touches You

Catch the Sun

Michael is the first to meet Katerina's new roomate, and a tragic event brings many surprises into everybody's lives.

Part One: Across the Universe
Part Two: Just Like Starting Over
Part Three: Wondering What I Am To Do
Part Four: We're So Easily Called Away
Part Five: Shaking Like a Leaf
Part Six: The Other Half Of The Sky
Part Seven: What A Dream I Had

The Conclusion: Or Is It???

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