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Fan Stories

Exclusively share your stories about King Kobra with the rest of the fans. How did you hear of the band? Have you ever seen the band live? Have you ever met any members in the band? If so, please email me with your story and you can see it here, full credit given.

L-A. Silverthorne

In November of '87 my friend Jodi and I took a train to Toronto to see the Bullet Boys at Rock n' Roll Heaven.. When we got there, we had something to eat and then waited in line. Jodi and I casually walked to the front of the stage and jumped on the amp stacks... Jodi had the hots for Jimmy, and I liked Mick & Marq... He kept looking at me and smiling, and during "Smooh Up in Ya" he walked over to me, got down on one knee and handed me a pick... I picked it up and stuck it in my bustier... He kept winking at me, and I just kept blushing...We sat there for the whole set, and actually had a hard time walking afterward because of the vibrations..

A few months later, I saw them again at the Buffalo Memorial Auditorium with Winger and Cinderella. I got 2nd row floor right.. I had a different bustier on, and a sparkly coat I made.. They came out, and right away he recognized me... He smiled at me, and I smiled back.. I motioned with my finger to come to me because I wanted another pick.. He motioned for me To come over, I did, and I climbed over the rail into the (very small) pit.. I stayed there for the rest of the show... and came home with about 6 picks from Tom Keifer.. :)

Stacey Lewis

I used to live in LA, now in Philly - I used to hang out with Mic. Mic lived in this great little studio in Hollywood right around the corner from "The Cat and the Fiddle" - what a great guy! Viv (who went on to other gigs)... and Lita Ford were also there - in a small (rented) recording studio in LA. This was just as Iron Eagle was coming out!. We used to go to this place called Maggie's Pub and throw darts. I have a good friend (Gene Kirkland) who is a photographer this was a beginning! - These were good friends!

Dean Havlik - Call Me Daddy

I recently met Mick after a Bullet Boys show in Atlanta. I had the opportunity to talk to him for a few minutes and told him about the time I saw King Kobra. I saw them open for KISS in early 1985 on the Animalize tour in Cedar Rapids, IA. I'll never forget that show. I never really heard King Kobra prior to that and they really blew my mind. The show took place a few weeks prior to the release of the Thrill of a Lifetime album came out. What I found so striking about the band was the amount of energy they put out. At one point Mick and David were doing a dual guitar solo, each were standing on opposite sides of the stage. Then they each ran right at each other, jumping up, in mid air passing one another, and then sliding down the drum riser on their backs. They never missed a note in the solo. It is still one of the coolest things I have ever seen a band do live. Also during the night Johnny was playing in the center of the stage, started moving backwards, then seemed to lose his footing. He fell back on the drum riser. The cool thing was he kept playing for a few moments laying down on it. I think he lost his footing, but he made it look very professional anyway. Then of course he did the routine of humping his bass. That was also pretty cool, and I know the chicks dug it. I also will never forget Mark making the Kobra hand sign before Raise your hands to Rock. He had what seemed to be the whole crowd doing it, pretty cool. The day after the show I went out and bought the Ready to Strike album and then bought Thrill of a Lifetime as soon as it came out. I was 14 when I saw the show and it had a big influence on me as a musician. I still get inspired remembering that show and currently I play in a band named Call Me Daddy out of Atlanta. All four of us have blonde hair! I told you they had a big influence on me!

Andi Clay


Michele Shrader-Summers

I met them around '86. In a bar called Cardies in Houston. They are the nicest guys. I hope nothings has changed as far as how great they were. Me and a friend followed them to a few locations in Texas with Johnny riding with us. It was a blast. Thanks guys for some of the best memories. Michele - Houston