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The Entity Homepage

Welcome to Entity's homepage!!! We are a punk rock band from Bloomington/Normal, Illinois. We have been together for over two years now and play old school punk rock. This page is under heavy contruction so be sure to keep checking back for updates!!! Now available! Entity CD ($5) and T Shirt ($10)! Email, or to order! We apologize to our friends that came to see us play at The Stadium and didn't get to see us play because Conviktion decided that they wanted to play second and we found out at about 8:30 or so, even though we set up the show and had no idea they were playing and had friends coming to see us. Our friend Cory got a little out of control that night and some fan of Conviktion's thought he'd jump on Cory (when he wasn't looking) and bring him down and then run away like a puss. If you are going to go after someone, at least have some balls. After this guy went after Cory all hell broke loose. Thanks to Andy from Mo*Par for going out in the crowd and taking care of the guy who jumped on Cory and thanks to our other friends for getting in there as well. It's too bad bands have to think they are rock stars and it seems to happen a lot in Bloomington/Normal. However, Entity has always done whatever, whenever and don't have any complaints (until now). Conviktion's excuse for playing 2nd was they brought the PA. If we had known they would use that against us, we would have brought our own PA. Anyway, Entity wanted to vent a little from that night. Thanks to The Stadium for giving us a chance to play. Thanks to all our fans for sticking with us for the last couple years. No thanks to bands like Conviktion that think their s**t doesn't stink. And Conviktion, you did a great job on the covers and originals, but please tell me you played "Paradise City" by Runs n' Hoses as a joke!!! Until we meet again. Entity

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