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It isn't "Poetry in Motion", but still pure art. I love it already. Controller doesn't look much different, but it is a Dual Shock 2 controller, surely there must be more to it than just its black color? How about the Memory Card? 8MB! That is 64 times(!) that of the original card. And it is 250 times faster transferring data to and from the PS!! Coolness! How about the blue disc? No more black, then? Again, I like it a lot! Oh, the pain and suffering in waiting for its release!!! Here it is in all its glory, backward compatible Memory Card slots and Controller slots. Only two, you say? Well yes, but notice the two USB ports.... Hint, hint, nudge nudge, wink wink... Not to mention the cool i.Link (FireWire) port. Lots of cool uses for that one! Cooling has been accounted for, as you can see.