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well these pix are really crazy. thats about all i gotta say bout them. me and lindsay really go nuts w/ the cameras!

stupid pic #1

this is one of many stupid pics my cuz took of me. waz funny about this is that it was taken in the dark. dont ask me how it turned out!

nuther pic of me

this is a pic of our utah ski trip. it was taken in the hallway of our condo's. my face is wind burnt cuz i was going so fast on them ski's!

pic of me #3

she told me to make a face so i did. if u cant tell, im blinkin from the side of my eye. one of the freaky talents of mine!

Who wears short shorts? I WEAR SHORT SHORTS!

this is a pic of me throwing the ball in at one of my soccer games. can u see the choo choo in the background????