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about dan

yello every1! my name is dan and im the one doing all the work on this website. me and bri are cuz'z and we thought itd be kinda coo to make a website so we did. but im the only one that knows how to do anythin so im doing the work! ok, about me, well im a 6'0 freshman, i play soccer and basketball (used to play baseball but i dont anymore, i think its stupid, but maybe thats just me!) i would describe myself but thats just a waste of time cuz your just gonna have to go see my pics. Our soccer team just plain suked. We just started our official practices for basketball, and it looks lik were gonna be pretty good, but that is what i said bout our soccer team and look what happend. we won like 2 games. ANYWAY, school is going bye fast (thats not a problem) and its actually not too bad. but anywho, enjoy and go sign the guestbook


days 'til i get my license!