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Rules of the Cruise

Listed below are the rules and behaviour we expect all members and visitors to follow when on one of our runs.
These rules have been implemented to get the participants to the intended location quickly, safely and as a group.

Before a Run

Make sure your vehicle is mechanically ready for a run. If you are experiencing any problems sort them out before the run, otherwise you will just inconvenience others, or even the entire group. All vehicles must be legally registered and street worthy. Ensure your vehicle is fuelled up, well before the estimated departure time. Unless specified otherwise you should eat before you leave home. Arrive well before the estimated departure time to hear any last minute changes or directions. You must be ready to depart when told to start your engines. When asked to line up at a particular place make your way there as quickly as possible, and line up behind the Convoy Leader. Burnouts and other similar displays are prohibited at any time except during specified events. Speeding and not following other traffic rules is prohibited.

During a Run

Never ever pass your Convoy Leader. The Convoy Leader has been given the responsibility to set the pace and ensuring that everyone arrives at the final location as a group. On runs where more than twenty vehicles attend multiple convoys with their own Convoy Leader will be formed. Convoys will not pass one another except in the event of a breakdown. Stay in the same lane as the Convoy Leader, Do not drive side by side. From one stop point to the next, stay in the same location in the group - there should never be any reason for you to pass another member on the road. Take special note of who is in front of you and who is behind. Stay aware of the vehicle behind you. Should you find yourself at the end of a group which has been split then wait at any turnoff to direct those following.

When Stopping

When stopping, get off the road as quickly as possible. At a fuel stop, fuel up as quickly as possible. If it is not a specified meal stop then don't buy coffee or food, as you will hold up the group or get left behind. Once you have filled your tank move your vehicle out of the way - consider others. Upon arriving at the final run location a leaving time will be advised for the main group going back. If you wish to travel with this group BE READY TO GO ON TIME! If you will not be accompanying the main group back you must inform the Run Coordinator and your Convoy Leader.

In Case of Problems

If a vehicle breaks down then no more than two other members should stop to assist, one may go ahead to advise the Convoy Leader or the Run Coordinator but use a mobile phone or radio first where possible. Should your vehicle break down or experience other problems requiring you to stop, stay with your vehicle. Contact another member with a mobile phone or radio where possible. During traffic delays or slow moving traffic be courteous to other drivers including those who do not drive Corvettes.

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