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Hi, welcome to my home on the Web.

My name is Linda Mulso. I have lived in
Illinois most of my life.
I have a wonderful son, a terrific daughter-in-law
and two beautiful grandchildren, a boy and a girl.
My intesests have always been horses and dogs.
I am a member of the American Paint Horse Club
and also a member of the American Pomeranian Club.
I have been showing poms since 1995,
and have loved every minute of it.
I started showing and breeding dogs in 1958,
but they were of a larger size,
German Shepherds, to be exact.
I have loved dog breeding and
showing for a long, long, time.
I enjoyed my Shepherds, but as
age creeps in, gaiting becomes difficult,
not for the dogs, for me.
I decided to "downsize" for health reasons.
I never had a doubt, that the
Pomeranian would be my choice,
for a smaller companion and show competitor.
They have a big dog attitude and a zest for life.
My mother had a Pom when I was a very little child,
that she loved beyond all measure.
That little 4 pound orange girl was named
Molly Cottontop. (her plumey high set tail
reminded mother of cotton...hence, cottontop)
When I decided to actively breed and show Poms,
I was looking for a kennel name, and decided on Cottontop,
in honor of my mother. Well, thats the start.........

I do not consider myself a large kennel and believe
me it's very hard to keep the numbers down.
Its VERY true, that you can't have only one.
Each is its own little person, with a distinct personality.
I am working with predominately three bloodlines.........
Bev-Nor, Millamor & Great Elms.
I have access to these wonderful lines, through the kennels of
Absolute, Benray and Golden Aires (BenAires),
Pom Acres, and Wyndlor. I thank these breeders for sharing
some of their best with me.

My goal is to breed dogs of sound mind and body,
with lovely type and excellent movement.
Its very difficult to breed all show dogs,
and those that haven't quite enough for the ring,
should still be decent representatives of the breed
and valued companions to the pet owner.
There should never be a doubt that they are Poms.
I invite you to see my dogs on this website.
As new pictures become available,
I hope to share them with you. Enjoy!


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For Information contact:
Linda Mulso
400 W. Railroad Street
Kingston, IL. 60145
E-mail address:

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