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Hey, I haven't updated this site in a very, very, very long time, and I don't really have enough time to truly maintain it, however, I will be accepting CATS costuming orders again, if anyone is interested. The price will be negotiable. Make me an offer. I'll take the best offer first. E-mail me at

Clepsida's Jellicle Junkyard

Welcome to my site! Have a look around. Enjoy yourself. Above all, have FUN!!!!! I just have a few rules for you. No cussing on my forum. There may be kittens in the room. Please do not use any of my original ideas. If you do, I will be very upset because these are my ideas. I will send you an e-meow asking you to remove it from your site. Please listen to me. I don't wnat to have any problems with other people. Please just follow these rules and I'm sure we'll get alone just fine. By the way, the picture below is Clepsida, and it was done by Ghast. Isn't it great?! Before, you set loose on my junkyard, one other thing. There's something terribly wrong with the video. Read about it here. Purrs and paws. Toodles! Have fun around my site!
My Survey

Go ahead. Take my survey. I'd love to have your input.

Now, I'm trying to organize my site just a little, so I've added a key to let you know what each section is like. I think you'll be able to figure it out.

=Fun and/or funny section
=Informational section
=Section that involves interaction
=Secton that wants and needs you to contribute
=Other section

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