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The Quest to Save Another World
Through CSAW (The Committee to Save Another World)

The Another World Anthology is a strong advocate of CSAW (The Committe to Save Another World).  CSAW has been doing much before and since the cancellation of Another World.  They are committed fully and completely to making sure that this Daytime Drama is put back into production.  This portion of TAWA is dedicated to CSAW and its efforts.  We strongly recommend checking out what they do, who they are, and even joining in this quest.  It is up to the fans to unify, even after Another World being off the air for a good length of time, to let TPTB know we miss our show, and are still interested in viewing it.  If TPTB think we have forgotten then they won't even consider such an action. We have to keep it fresh in their minds on a daily basis. 

CSAW & TAWA Press Release

The Committee to Save Another World
The Another World Anthology
For Immediate Release · Friday · March 10, 2000

For Information, Contact: Charlotte Swank email:
PO Box 363 · Marblehead, Ohio 43440-0363
United States (CSAW):  (TAWA):
Canada (CSAW):  ·  CSAW Webmaster:

Local Contact Information: Becky Tyrcha,

Soap Groups Unite in Protest of Awards Show
CSAW & TAWA React to Soap Opera Digest Awards Presentation

MARBLEHEAD, OH -  The Committee to Save Another World and The Another World
Anthology groups have joined forces in denouncing this evening's
presentation of the Soap Opera Awards broadcast on NBC.  The magazine,
considered by many soap opera fans to be the "Bible" of soap operas came
under fire for "failing to properly recognize the 35 wonderful years that
the daytime drama Another World was on the air.  After 35 years, one would
expect that a magazine like SOD would have at least devoted more than two
exact minutes to a show that has contributed to their magazine content for
all of its existence."

"TAWA's main mission is to provide fans with a place on the Internet to
preserve the memory and reach out to each other over the loss of AW. It was
created on June 29, 1999, as a haven for fans to share the memories of
Another World.  Interactively, they work with fans to share Another World's
legacy. It is an acknowledgment to thirty-five years of excellent daytime
drama to the cast, the show, and the fans.  It is a tribute by the fans, for
the fans," said Becky Tyrcha, spokesperson for TAWA, "after the broadcast
tonight, it was clear to us that now was the time to share our concerns with
the media over the travesty presented by Soap Opera Digest."  CSAW was
founded in April of last year in a response to NBC's cancellation of the
35-year soap.

"Soap Opera Digest has been just as much a part of the lives of soap fans as
the soaps themselves," remarked Sue O'Konis, chairperson of the Media
Committee for CSAW, "We thought that after 35 years, SOD editors would have
shown some loyalty and respect to the fans.  After all this show was
allegedly by the fans and for the fans.  Another World's memory was treated
poorly and after this show it is clear to most AW fans that SOD editors do
not have the best interests of the soap fans in mind."  In past years, SOD
Editors have given a special achievement award.  Susan Lucci was the
recipient of the award in 1989.  CSAW members and TAWA have strongly
advocated for the SOD Editors Award in favor of Victoria Wyndham.  "The fact
that SOD failed to give Ms. Wyndham an Editors Award for her 25 years on
Another World is another example of how the daytime entertainment media is
more loyal to the production companies than to the fans.  If the networks
wish to continue maintaining viewer loyalty, they has best start responding
to the fans that keep them in business," O'Konis said.

CSAW officials have attempted since July to secure a meeting with NBC or
Procter & Gamble officials to discuss possible alternatives for the saga of
Bay City's Cory and Matthews families.  "We have made several requests which
have fallen on deaf ears and, frankly, we are tired of it," said Charlotte
Swank, national spokesperson for CSAW, "We have tried to present ourselves
in a professional fashion and they have treated the fans like yesterday's
news.  Now, it is time to take a firm stance and demand an opportunity to be
heard.  We have been loyal consumers of NBC, P&G and GE for over 35 years.
All we have ever asked for is 30 minutes of time."

"After all these months of no responses, it was clear to us at TAWA that
action needed to be taken.  The SOD Awards show tonight proves the point
that the soap opera media has shown no respect for the soap fans," Ms.
Tyrcha said, "We fully support CSAW's efforts and agree that a boycott of
SOD is in order."  CSAW has advocated the sale of Procter & Gamble
Productions to another studio "where the history of all the great daytime
dramas produced by P&G over the years can be celebrated," Swank said. "With
the decline in the stock market, it would seem that now would be the best
time for P&G to sell off this unit and generate some cash.  P&G has not
looked at the Productions Division as a serious cost center in over a



>Monday --- March 6, 2000
>Well, the ballots have been counted and the winner was announced.  NBC's
>Days of Our Lives picked up the TV Guide Award for Favorite Soap Opera.
>Congratulations to the cast and crew of DOOL.  As we all know by now,
>Another World could not be part of the competition because it was not on
>air at the time ballots were released.  What is also unfortunate is the
>that we may never know how many "write-in" votes were tallied.  Anybody at
>TV Guide have the answer?
>Also interesting to note is that CBS comedy "Everybody Loves Raymond" won
>for Favorite Comedy.  The show may not be the mega-hit advertisers want
>demographically, but it is a show that the viewers WANT and LOVE.
>We have received many messages about the position we are taking on the SOD
>Awards being produced by Dick Clark Productions and being aired on NBC
>Friday, March 10.  To be honest with you, the whole SOD Awards Show
>controversy has been very frustrating.  We have worked hard sending
>posting to message boards and making telephone calls.  Throughout this
>experience all we have heard is that SOD will air a "tribute" to AW.
>all well and good.  We look forward to seeing how SOD will handle this
>tribute, especially since it is being aired on NBC.  The editors of Soap
>Opera Digest have a unique opportunity here and we hope that they will not
>let the fans down.
>So, as far as we are concerned we will be watching this show very closely
>Friday night.  And SOD can be assured that there will be a reaction from
>CSAW and its members immediately following the broadcast.  I would even
>venture to say that West Coast AW fans will have our reaction BEFORE the
>show airs in the Pacific Time Zone.
>There are, of course, a few things we want to note.  We are very
>disappointed with SOD in failing to respond to any of our inquiries.  SOD
>has been very hesitant to even acknowledge our existence and that should
>a red flag to any and all soap fans.  Without readers, SOD becomes nothing
>more than a heap of scrap paper bound together and destined for the local
>refuse center.  We are encouraged to hear that Victoria Wyndham is
>on the West Coast.  We hope that in some way this means she will be on
>this Friday at the show.  We also hope this means that the editors used
>their "wisdom" and decided to bestow the Editor's Choice Award on our
>Visitors to the site will be happy to know that
>there are many responses from Ms. Wyndham to fans this month.  Many fans
>wrote come from CSAW and we were encouraged by her responses.
>One response that especially touched us was to a note that our own
>Connecticut Coordinator and Executive Committee Member Sue (Serena) wrote.
>I hope the folks at the website don't mind, but we really want to share
>with you all:
>Hi! I just wanted to thank you for your support of CSAW. I hope we are
>successful but if we aren't it is nice to know you support us. We won't
>up until the bitter end. Thanks again.
>Hello Serena. It is my privilege to support CSAW and encourage their
>mission. Please keep up the good work!
>To read more of the comments and replies please go to:
>  We hope that you will take a moment
>not only to visit the site but to leave your own feedback to Ms. Wyndham!
>Committees have been organized in the "all new and improved" CSAW.  Here
>a recap of where each committee stands:
>This committee would be strictly responsible to cultivate, contact and
>report on media activities throughout the United States and Canada. The
>media committee would be responsible for issuing press releases, arranging
>radio talk show interviews, local cable access interviews and local
>television station coverage. Media committee people would also work with
>cast member publicists for arranging join interviews pending on the
>availability of cast members.
>UPDATE: Sue, Sue-Beth and Noreen are on the Media Committee and will begin
>their tour of duty later this week.
>This committee would be strictly responsible for researching Federal,
>and local government websites for corporate information. In addition, the
>research committee would also monitor entertainment industry newswires for
>any articles that may be of interest to CSAW. For those of you who possess
>the "Sherlock Holmes" or "Nancy Drew" gene, here is your chance to put
>talents to work!
>UPDATE: Caroline, Theresa and Marie are on the Research Committee.  Later
>this week, we will be forwarding our notes and lists of links to them so
>that they can begin to do what they need to do.
>This committee would be responsible to monitor the Federal Elections
>Commission for where the corporate dollars are flowing during the Election
>2000 Season. The committee would also be responsible for monitoring
>congressional action on any legislation relating to the broadcast
>i.e. corporate network takeovers of other networks, etc.
>UPDATE: We still need members on this committee.  This is a great
>for any political junkies out there or for people who love to do research.
>The business committee would be responsible for maintaining accurate
>of any paperwork required in conjunction with CSAW, Inc. It would also be
>responsible for disbursement of any funds that may come into CSAW and
>an accurate record of such debits and credits as appropriate.
>UPDATE: We have two members on the business committee.  We are seeking at
>least one more person with accounting and/or legal experience.
>Probably the most important committee in the sense that members of this
>committee will be working with publicists and advertising executives of
>other corporations in arranging sponsorship of CSAW. It will be the prime
>mission of this committee to argue the benefits of such sponsorship.
>Corporate relations committee will also be responsible for presenting
>proposals to corporations and follow-through such as the CBS Proposal, WB
>Proposal, etc.
>UPDATE: This committee will be dissolved and various duties distributed to
>other committees.  Stay tuned for further details.
>This committee will be responsible for monitoring and contributing to
>message boards and newsgroups across the Internet. This is an exciting
>for anyone who is active on message boards. Some of the message boards
>would be covered include Coffeerooms, Mediadomain, Delphi, ABOUT.COM, TV
>Guide, Usenet, etc.
>UPDATE: Pam, Allen, Dana, Marie and Flaggz are all eager to begin their
>mission on this committee.  Be sure to watch a lot of activity coming to a
>Message Board near you!
>The VAW Story Boards are outlined through June, 2000. We desperately need
>talented writers to fill in the dialogue for the daily episodes.  Primus
>will still serve as the head writer but seeks the talented collaboration
>CSAW members who want to take a stab at writing daily episodes. Please
>respond to Primus at thesudzchannel@a... only if responding to this
>UPDATE: This committee is being given their assignment this week and
>will once again continue on Virtual Another World!  A new episode went out
>today and we promise great things to come in the weeks ahead.  We will
>a newsletter for Virtual AW fans soon to introduce you to the writing
>IN SUMMARY:  We still welcome more participants!  We are thrilled that the
>response to our restructuring is receiving so much support.  If you feel
>have a little time to spare each week, that would be great.  In the next
>newsletter we will be announcing the chairs for each committee and we will
>be coming up with ways to have each committee report to the newsletter on
>biweekly basis so that you all stay informed!
>In Beverly Hills, California, the Writers Guild of America handed out
>yesterday in a wide variety of categories.  And the Daytime Serials winner
>is: ``Days of Our Lives,'' Sally Sussman Morina, Dena Higley, Marlene
>Poulter, Dorothy Ann Purser, Victor Gialanella, Meredith Post, Peter
>Peggy Schibi, Fran Myers, Maralyn Thoma, Joyce Rosenblad, Bruce Neckels
>Sofia Landon Geier.  Congratulations to these writers.  For information on
>other awards go to this URL:
>On Sunday, March 5 HBO premiered If These Walls Could Talk 2, a trilogy of
>stories centering around lesbian couples.  The third story, simply
>"2000" was written and directed by Anne Heche (ex-Vicky/Marley).  Once
>another AW-alum proves that AW certainly was the launch pad for brilliant
>careers from Morgan Freeman to Charles Durning.  The reviews for Heche's
>directorial debut have been stunning.  Also, Amy Carlson (ex-Josie Watts)
>a member of the cast in the second movie.
>On the agenda at the meetings this week:
>1. Preparing our reaction to the SOD Awards Show
>2. The Launching of the DIVAS 2000 Campaign on Monday March 13, 2000
>3. Setting goals for the committees
>4. Updates on incorporation and discussion of proposed by-laws
>5. Updates on what other AW fan groups are doing
>6. The role of coordinators in the reorganized CSAW
>Tuesday, March 7, 2000: Talk City - saveAW Room - 11:00 PM ET
>Thursday, March 9, 2000: AOL - Arts & Entertainment - CSAW - 9 PM ET
>Saturday, March 11, 2000: Talk City - aw4ever Room - 4 PM ET


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