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Want to play a game?  Just for fun?  This is the correct place to have come.  Here you can choose your favorite characters to play, hence roleplay. The way this is done is through a mailing list with other individuals.  You join the mailing list and you choose some characters, you write very short biographies for those you choose, and begin the game.  You can have Paulina cooking at Carlinos, and Grant Harrison in Tanquir, etc.  You want to have Remy connect with Nick?  Then you write a line, such as hi Nick, how are you, and the person who has Nick responds.  You can get as crazy as you want, and the game is truly a lot of fun.  While it isn't hard, nor does it take a lot of time, it is just yet another way to keep "Another World," alive and close to our hearts.  This is a nonstress way to have fun and remember the show.  Take a chance, no strings attached and sign up below.  You don't want to miss out!!!!  Enjoy!!!!

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The Another World Anthology