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What's New??????




Chats will be held every Tuesday at 8:00PM Central Standard Time for all "Another World"  fans in the chat room!!!!! Don't miss the fun!!!!!

THE ANOTHER WORLD ANTHOLOGY ITSELF - The renovation of TAWA has given way to a theme.  Taking Another World into the New Millennium.  This theme along with the whole concept of Another World has been highlighted in our design.  Nothing is the same, as it was in November.  Check it out, you won’t be disappointed. 

TAWA FAQ - The Another World Anthology’s Frequently Asked Questions - Many of you haven’t taken full advantage of many of TAWA’s features and that is simply because you didn’t know what they were or how to use them!  Now you can learn the answers to these questions in TAWA FAQ - It outlines each feature with step by step directions.  This is especially exciting for those of you who are new to the computer scene. COMING SOON

UPDATES - We now have a page called updates, which will tell you exactly when and what is new at TAWA.  Nice for those of us who are in a hurry :)))

THE CORY FAMILY ALBUM - This is a very exciting addition that many of you have been waiting for.  Go through years of photos, and celebrate events from Another World with these visuals.  Currently there are about 150 pictures from Another World on the site, but this is going to be expanding month by month.  Realize that this may take awhile to load so get yourself a beverage and enjoy.  Perfect for any Another World fan. COMING SOON

SAVE AW - This is a new feature.  TAWA is a strong supporter of CSAW (The Committee to Save Another World), and in light of that, we are able, with permission from CSAW, to bring you their latest news, events, happenings, and strategies to bring our show back into production.  Take a moment and see what you are missing, or get new information with just the click of a button.  This is a great addition for any Another World fan.

VIRTUAL BAY CITY - During TAWA’s renovation, Virtual Bay City has created over 15 new episodes.  We have a Thanksgiving Episodes, Christmas Episodes and Millennium Episodes, not to mention many that are in between.  The folks in Bay City have truly been busy, all sorts of events, love triangles, and trials have been going on.  Don’t miss out on this fun fan fiction.  Our writers have truly been busy.  We will be also producing a special Valentine’s Episode for all fans to enjoy.  Also during our renovation, we must say that Virtual Bay City has become a separate entity from the roleplaying game.  The writers are Virtual Bay City, and our game players are just enjoying all the fun of playing a game.  A must for any Another World fan, missing the show and dying for more. 

HISTORY - We now have plenty of new character biographies up and posted in the History section of TAWA.  There are also a few memorable storylines to remember in this section.  Finally, we have kept the comprehensive character list.  This is guaranteed fun for anyone who is true to Bay City and its history.  It is just like a walk down memory lane.

FUN, GAMES AND CONTESTS - Wow, this was interesting to create, it was also a lot of fun.  We now have crossword puzzles, word searches, a simply fun stress free roleplaying game, and trivia contest.  The roleplaying game is a brand new edition to TAWA.  Yes, we did have roleplay before, but it was to write Virtual Bay City episodes, now, you can roleplay just for the sheer fun of it without having to have all these production stresses.  The trivia contest awards prizes every three months to the six players with the highest scores.  Here there is truly something for every Another World fan to relax with. 

FAN FICTION - Quite a few fans have written stories and poems about Another World, and its characters.  They are all posted here.  Not to mention, you can write up your own fiction, and we will publish it on the web for all to see. This is an exciting feature for the Another World Fans dying for more, and for the writers out there. 

CHAT - Okay, so you caught us.  Chat isn’t a new feature, but it has new qualities.  Amongst them are a new, less restricting chat room.  Of course, we also have many, new chat topics too.  Weekly chats are held on Tuesday Nights at 8PM Central Standard Time. Don’t let this restrict you, the chat room is open twenty four hours a day seven days a week.  An excellent feature for those of you who love to talk. 

The DISCUSSION GROUP is old also, but we have made some renovations to make it more chattier. We will have weekly discussion topics along with the ability to discuss any aspect of Another World.  The owners will be forwarding some new and exciting Another World information as soon as it reaches our hands.  This feature will no longer be associated with Bay City Bylines our newsletter.  Also a great source for interaction. 

MESSAGEBOARD/FORUM - Tired of your favorite messageboards dying down or disappearing?  Well are messageboard isn’t. Feel free to post away, and share conversations with other fans on our new interface.  A wonderful addition for all Another World Fans who love to communicate. 

ANOTHER WORLD POLLS - We also have a new poll interface.  Each week we will have a new and exciting poll up for fans to vote on.  After much thought, we feel that we have come up with some really interesting poll topics.  This is perfect for those who love to put their two cents in. 

FREE ANOTHER WORLD ANTHOLOGY EMAIL ADDRESSES - You heard it here first!!! Tired of all those jokes and phony virus warnings clogging up your email?  Tired of being bothered about other topics when you just want to hear about Another World in one box?  Well you have come to the right place.  Get your own personal, free email account from The Another World Anthology.  It will be  Enjoy this new feature. 

CLASSIFIED ADS - Looking for the final episode?  The episode where Jake and Vicky get married?  Have episodes or memorabilia that you want to trade?  Make a posting in our NEW classified ads section.  If you need anything this is an excellent resource for fans who love to add to their collection at a less costly price. 

TAWA-ANNOUNCEMENT LIST - Sick and tired of waiting to find out when TAWA updates something, anything?  Well just have us email you personally when something new is going on at TAWA or with Another World, or its actors and actresses.  This is another free service which is guaranteed to keep Another World fans up to date just by reading their email.

GREETING CARDS - Is it mothers day and you forgot to snail mail a card that counts?  Never fear, just go to TAWA and send her an Another World card with authentic pictures, backgrounds and even music.  This is a great feature to give other fans cards on their special days and occasions.  Don’t miss out.  It is completely free. 

AND WE HAVE TOPPED ALL THIS OFF WITH… A CARTOON OF THE DAY - This is probably the only feature at TAWA that doesn’t have to do with Another World.  We all need a break to view something cute or funny each day.  Check it out. 

Up and Coming

I know that we promised this stuff awhile ago, but as soon as possible we have the ultimate photo gallery entitled The Cory Family Album.  We also have the TAWA FAQ section coming soon. 


My name is Becky, I am a twenty-three year old college student from Illinois.  My major is English and have plans to teach and write in my spare time.  I am an animal lover and have a cat and dog.   I have watched Another World for about 10-12 years and consider myself an avid fan.  Currently, I watch One Life to Live, however still miss Another World.  What else??? Well, to be honest I really don't know what else to tell you.  Oh, I currently work as a teacher for Early Childhood Education.  That's all Folks.

Hello Readers: Welcome to TAWA.  I'm Missy co-owner of this site.I've been a fan of Another World since 1975.  I started watching when I was in high school.  It was a sad day when Another World ended but this site gives us all an opportunity to keep Another World alive in our hearts and in our minds. Enjoy!


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