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The Another World Anthology is dedicated to using new technology to bring fans together to share their memories, trade information, and have an overall clean community to remember the legacy of Another World.  The Messageboard/Forum is a place where fans can do this.  It allows you to leave messages for other fans, while keeping your email account unclogged.  Hence, all fans can get involved in the conversation.  It is better than chatting in the sense that you can post at anytime of the day, week or year!!!!  We will be posting messages freqently about TAWA events and news, Another World Alumni, and anything that happens within the realm of Another World.  Please post away, and have fun getting to share your memories with other fans.  We truly hope that this is an enjoyable experience for you. 

To Enter the Forum/Messageboard click on the following link:


In order to keep this a clean community, free of harrassment, we ask the following:

1) No swearing, if it can't be said on television, please don't post it.
2) No advertising.
3) No Flaming!!!!! Handle disputes as adults!
4) All posts containing the aforementioned limitations will be removed.  
5) Have fun, and use it as a tool to further your knowledge of Another World, while sharing its legacy.



The Another World Anthology