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"The Another World Anthology" dedicates this website to Douglass Watson, Constance Ford and Brent Collins


In Loving Memory.....

Douglass Watson (Mackenzie Cory) 15 Years
Constance Ford (Ada Davis Hobson) 25 Years
Brent Collins (Wallingford) 4 Years

As all of you are aware, Douglass Watson (Mackenzie Cory), Constance Ford (Ada Davis Hobson, and Brent Collins (Wallingford) have all passed away during their years as actors and actresses on "Another World."  "The Another World Anthology," along with fans of the show, would like to dedicate this website to these talented and well loved actors and actresses. Please take a moment to sign the dedication to commemorate these fine human beings.

Here you can read or sign the dedication to Douglass Watson, Constance Ford or Brent Collins.
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Please enjoy the following tribute that Tracey submitted to TAWA on October 8, 1999.  Tracey has truly worked hard to commemorate these actors and actresses.
I have watched Another World since I was about 4 years old. Over the years, there have been many characters I have really liked. Some of these characters were on the show at the end (Rachel, Cass, Felicia), others have been gone for a while (Iris, MJ, Kathleen). But in my opinion, the best characters and actors on the show were Douglass Watson (Mackenzie "Mac" Cory), Constance Ford (Ada Hobson), and Brent Collins (Wallingford). These actors were wonderful and are still deeply missed. They taught me how to laugh and cry, feel joy and sorrow, agony and elation. All of this from characters on a soap opera and much more.
     The one and only Mac Cory was the great Douglass Watson. He portrayed a very tough, strong man with a heart of gold and with his portrayal, I was able to feel his joy and sadness. There are few male actors today that can make me feel the way Douglass Watson made me feel for Mac. When he laughed, I laughed. When he cried, I cried. When I watched Mac Cory, I felt everything he felt, and the reason for that was the marvelous job Douglass Watson did. When he passed away, I cried. When AW aired the death of Mac Cory, I cried again. It felt like I had lost a part of my family. Douglass Watson had the ability in his acting to bring out all of my emotions. His talents and meaning to AW were evident when the show ended. Out of all the characters over the last 35 years, Douglass Watson was the one chosen to end the program. We got to see his smiling face toasting us, the fans, one more time.
     Ada Hobson (Constance Ford) was a very strong woman. She could be tough when she needed to be, but at the same time she could be sweet, tender and nurturing. I don't know of any other actress who could have played this character better. Constance Ford's portrayal of Ada was superb. She played a tough mom who loved her children no matter how they messed up. Who didn't want Ada as a mom from time to time? She spoke her mind, but in a caring, respectful manner. She was able to keep her wild child Rachel in check. If it weren't for Ada (and Mac's love), Rachel wouldn't have been the person she turned into. I actually learned something's from Ada that have helped me with my own children. Now to me that says a lot not only about the character but of the actress.
     When I think of comedy and caring on a soap opera only one name comes to mind. That name is Brent Collins (Wallingford). His character would make me laugh so hard that I would have tears rolling down my cheeks. When I would have a bad day, all I had to do was come home and turn on Another World, and there was his smiling face. I always heard that laughter was the best medicine, and I can say that is true. Brent Collins' portrayal of the loyal and loving friend was terrific. When I think of all he must have gone through in his life, I wonder how he was able to make everyone so happy. He could have been bitter and angry, but he chose love and laughter. He taught me a valuable lesson early on in life; Acceptance for those that are different. He was a small man with a heart bigger than the state of Texas.
     For me, it was these three people who got me permanently hooked to Another World. Even when they passed away, their memories were kept alive. That is a tribute to their abilities as actors. All of these tributes showed how big of a part they were to AW and to the fans. I, for one, could never forget them, and still miss them. People don't understand how I could get so attached to a soap opera, and I just tell then that AW was more than a soap to me. I learned many things from this show and these three characters. I learned love, forgiveness and acceptance, and for this I thank them. I would like to offer a toast to Douglass, Constance, and Brent. You not only entertained me. you made me feel love, loss, and joy. You taught me important life lessons. I thank the writers who wrote for these actors, but it was the actors portrayals that brought out the feelings. No one could write in that emotion or make me feel it. That was something only these actors could do. Thank you for giving me a little piece of you to keep with me always.
You brightened Aw, and now you are brightening the heavens in another world.
Thank you for the memories!!


"The Another World Anthology"