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"Another World" Polls


We at The Another World Anthology offer weekly polls to see what you like about Another World, and or TAWA.  Your opinions matter to us, and we use them gear our tribute to the needs of Another World fans.  Take a moment and cast your vote on this weeks topic.

Previous Vote Responses and Questions
August 6, 1999 - October 4, 1999 - Results - After a month of being of the air how much do you truly miss Another World?  Of 115 respondents 29% said "my days are lost without it, 61% said that they really miss it, 10% miss it, 1% kind of miss it, and 1% can do without Another World.
July 7, 1999 - August 5, 1999 - Results - How is Linda Dano doing as Gretel Rae Cummings on One Life to Live?  Of 49 respondents 20% said great, 69% said good, 8% said that they don't watch, 0% said bad, 0% said terrible, and 2% don't care.
July 1, 1999 - July 7, 1999 - Results - How do you feel Jake and Vicky are doing on As the World Turns?  Of 37 respondents 11% said great, 84% said good, and 5% don't watch.
June 29 & 30, 1999, Results - Will you watch Passions when it airs on July 5, 1999?  Of twenty respondents 0% said yes, 95% said no, and 5% didn't know.
You can expect a new question every Sunday Night!!!!

''The Another World Anthology"