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Welcome to the Pike County Illinois Animal Shelter

We are located on HWY 107, North edge of Pittsfield, Il. We have 20-25 Dogs of all kinds and breeds at all times. Shelter is open 8am-5pm, Monday thru Friday. Call for an appointment, 217-285-4811.

We are a County operated not-for-Profit Animal Shelter, we do accept cash donations, dog and cat food, litter and cleaning supplies. Cash donations can be sent to PO Box 12 Pittsfield, Il 62363. Your Donations help us to keep our pets longer for Adoption. All animals must be Spay or Neutered and receive a Rabies Vaccination.

We currently have Lab mix Pups, mix breed pups, Australian Shep, German Shep mix and many more.

Adoptions: The County took over the Shelter in February 1999. Prior Adoptions for the year totaled 54. In 1999, we adopted 81 dogs from our Shelter. In 2000, we adopted 189. In fiscal year 2001 we adopted 166 dogs and 77 cats. During 2002 first quarter we have adopted 50 dogs and 35 cats. This is do to the Great Support of the Pike County Express and Pike Press Newspapers. All have run Free Adopt a Pet photos in their papers each week. We thank them very much for their Support. The Key to success is Good publicity, and we are receiving that. Pikenet has now provided us with internet service to the Shelter. Great Community Support.
We Also thank for the Free Web Page.
Our local WalMart store, Vigortone and All of our good hearted Supporters are also providing us with some of the needed dog food and pet supplies. Wal-Mart and Vigortone gives us their damaged bags of Dog and Cat Food and our Supporters are donating needed cleaning supplies, cat and dog food and Money so we can keep our pets longer and adopt as many as possible.

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