"A Knight's Tale"


Although you may think differently ..... this story of lost love is set in our not so distant future. It's a time where science, technology, Magick and myth have all switched places.... Where Knights and wizards, fairies and gnomes, once again, do what they must to survive...... It's our time....

In this time, the great war has ended but, new wars forever loom in the near distance. The alien technology that was left behind added to the build-up of electric generation, but devastated the world as we in this time know it .

The population of the planet was virtually wiped out, small bands of people are all that survived.They are the forefathers of the knights and townspeople we will be visiting. The alien technology also created the fairy people and the gnomes.....

Its a new world; where there was water there is none, mountains have moved, canyons have opened, plant and animal life have changed also. Violent storms race across the sky and earthquakes rock the planet.

The Goddess and God have given special powers to some and others have learned to use these powers too. Yet, life is very hard and even those with the powers given them can not change things. Packs of rogue warriors run the Out Lands.

Then, there is the Forbidden Zone, a wasteland of radiation and mutants.

Please visit for a time while we spin......

A Knight's Tale.