This is copy of the time stamp taken off of our Bravenet hit counter tracker site.

06 Nov 2002 / 12:41:41 AM

What it is saying is, On November 6th at 12:41:41 Pacific Time the Internet server from TELUS Communications Inc. visited the Sir Robin of St. Clair's A Knight's Tale site. This is not a special occurrence on its own. {Although each and every time someone visits this site and reads the story I have written it is special to me} The special even is, At 2:41:41 am Central Time, A Knight's Tale achieved a long-awaited milestone.
Thanks to you, my faithful readers, together we are now over 20,000 hits to the site. I hope this story has brought some entertainment to each of you, maybe brightened your day somehow or given you a smile from some of the adventures I put the band of intrepid warriors through.
I am amazed at how short a time it has been since this story was completed and how quickly we reached this milestone. I could not have done this without all of you.
And for that, Gods, I am speechless.
There are so many people I want to thank for help and support and for visiting and reading. But the main one is my web mistress; without her, none of this could ever have happened. She is the one who pushed me into writing in the first place. I honestly never thought I had it in me to write. {Maybe I don't} But she pushed me till I finished this story and built wonderful pages around each chapter.
So please visit her site too The Art Gallery
And as always visit A Long Ride Home for Marshal
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Thanks!! It has been a wonderful 2 years.