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Volunteer Opportunities

All volunteer tutor/mentors volunteer at least 2 hours a week in one of our 3 A.C.E.S. schools. Volunteers are matched with students depending on their strengths and on the students' needs. Volunteers work with the students throughout the school year and are encouraged to participate in all of the A.C.E.S. activities. Tutor/mentor opportunities exist Monday through Thursday from 2:30-4:30 p.m. You do not have to be an athlete to participate.

Guest Athlete/Professional Activity Leader:
A Guest Athlete/Professional Activity Leader visits each of our A.C.E.S. classrooms once a month. Professional and amateur athletes as well as sports business professionals visit the schools and lead activities that require students to think critically and solve problems. The sports-themed activities are designed around the skills and interests of the athletes.

Associate Board Member:
A.C.E.S has a variety of committees to ensure the greatest level of stability and success. Committees include: fundraising/donations, special events/promotions and public relations/marketing. Additionally, consultants with expertise are always needed, including: accounting services, technologies, web page development and maintenance, legal services and board/program development.

Students interested in working with A.C.E.S. will assist in marketing, public relations, fundraising, special events or video production.

Athletes in Service Ameri Corps member:
All Corps members must be former collegiate student-athletes with a minimum of two years varsity experience. Corps members may be undergraduate students (juniors and seniors only), students who have completed their athletic eligibility and are completing their undergraduate degrees, graduates or graduate students. As a full time Corps member working approximately 35 hours per week (1700 hours over a twelve month period), you will receive:

  • ~ $8,730 for the year
  • ~ Health benefits
  • ~ Monthly travel stipend
  • ~ Education award of $4,725 to be used toward undergraduate or graduate school costs and/or previous student loans.  
    If you decide to enroll as a part-time member, you will serve 900 hours and receive approximately half of the full-time living allowance and education award.  
    Most importantly, you will experience the fulfillment of acting as a mentor to young, inner-city boys and girls who face an uncertain existence. As a member of Athletes in Service and AmeriCorps, you will participate in President Clinton's vision of a domestic "Peace Corps." All you must do is agree to complete one year of service.

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