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  1. What is A.C.E.S.?
    Athletes Committed to Educating Students (A.C.E.S.) is a tutoring/mentoring organization for inner-city youth that uses an interactive, sports-themed curriculum to enhance academic performance, particularly critical thinking and problem solving skills, and social development. The core program involves professional and amateur athletes as well as front office personnel from the area sports teams who lead unique, participatory and fun educational activities for students.

  2. What can I do?
    A.C.E.S. is recruiting 75 volunteer tutors/mentors to work with A.C.E.S. students 2 hours per week. Tutors/mentors assist students with school homework and A.C.E.S assignments. Tutors/mentors become teachers, friends, role models and inspirations for our inner-city children. You do not have to be an athlete to volunteer.

  3. As a tutor/mentor what are my responsibilities?
    • Attend all scheduled sessions (1 per week, 2:30-4:30 p.m.)
    • Work with children on their homework and A.C.E.S. assignments
    • Call the A.C.E.S. office if unable to attend a scheduled session
    • Have fun, network, inspire and make new friends

  4. What kind of training will I receive?
    All volunteer tutors/mentors will participate in an initial orientation session. Team building sessions, social nights (including various sporting events) and on-going training will be offered, but not required, throughout the year.

  5. What is my reward for volunteering?
    First and foremost, you will find great fulfillment in serving as a friend, mentor and inspiration for inner-city students. You will also have the opportunity to develop a variety of personal and professional acquaintances. All volunteers are invited to a dinner celebration, in their honor, near the conclusion of each year.

  6. If I am a tutor/mentor, where do I go?
    Tutors/mentors can select from one of the 3 elementary schools:
    • Burley - 1630 W. Barry
      (Ashland and Barry; 1 block south of Belmont)
    • Carson - 5516 S. Maplewood
      (Garfield Blvd.-5500 S; W of Western - 2400W)
    • Corkery - 2510 S. Kildare
      (25th Place -2500 S; 1 block E of Kostner - 4400W)