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Scout Pistol Blaster Tutorial

Here are some drawings of the parts I used for my hardware store pistol.

The Base

I cut this with a scroll saw (?) or jig saw (?) from a block of wood (I think it was a 2x6).

The Plumbing Parts

Various plumbing parts:

1-6.Copper pipe fittings

7. Rubber Washer 8-9. Wooden dowels. Dia to fit inside copper pipe fittings.

Below, notice black lines on "scope". This is black electrical tape.

The copper "T" was cut on one side. I would also cut the other side, but not as short.

I glued the rubber washer to the back of the dowel with superglue.

Below: 1. Solder wire, wound around. Other ideas include telephone cord (coil), or possibly rubber washers (which would inhibit using the wooden dowel.

2. Electrical tape, though I believe there is a better solution. Please tell me what it is!

3. Bondo. I do not recommend this. It turned out pretty ugly. I had to cover it with more electrical tape. I later thought of using the putty epoxy (it comes in a kind of moldable "clay" form. This is what I will be trying next.

4. This was a part I found at the hardware store. I think it was part for a light fixture. It had a knurled edge and it was threaded. I found a metal part that fit into it and it looked like the sight adjustment knobs on the singlepoint scope. I don't know what the metal part was, but it looked like a "nipple" (for lack of a better term).

5. Again I am at a loss for what this part is called, but I found it in the plumbing section. It is white plastic. I cut off the threaded part. The part I used was 8-sided, though I believe the scout pistol had this part with 6-sides. There are 6-sided ones out there, I just couldn't find one at this particular store.

The Assembly

Here are all the parts and their assembly spots. They were held in place by either screws, bondo, or superglue.

1. Transistor from Radio Shack. $1-2

2. Some kind of wire adapter from Radio Shack. They come 2 in a pack; one red, one black.

3. The white plastic piece from above.

4. Copper pipe holder (?). I recommend another method as this copper piece bands too easily.

5. Rubber washers from plumbing section. Staggered sizes. I secured them with a drywall screw.

6. the Solder wire. (see above).

7. electrical tape over the Bondo (yuk!).Try the moldable epoxy.

8. The custom knobs (explained above).

Other Parts (unnumbered):

Purple "Handguard". 1/2" wide Aluminum strip. Cut and bent to shape.

Red Line (near nose of gun, between finger guard and body) 1/2" by 1" (or so) aluminum.

-->The finger guard was secured with sheet metal screws. Though rivets would probably look more finished.

-->I painted it silver (platinum), then black. Weathered by drybrushing the platinum in "high use" areas.

Here is the finished prototype.