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Monthly Edition                                                                          March 1, 2000                                                              Volume 2, Edition 1, Page 1

"We do not live in this world alone, but in a thousand other worlds." - Another World Opening Line

What's New At Virtual Bay City???
By: Missy - TAWA Co-owner

We hope you are enjoying our new and improved site.  We have received many compliments.  There is plenty to check out.  As you can see, there have been quite a few more episodes posted since last month's
newsletter came out.  For those of you who might not have read them yet, let me take a few minutes to recap what's in these episodes.

We get to enjoy the Christmas holidays and ring in the New Year with our favorite Bay City residents.  Lisa joins Jamie on Christmas Eve. Their announcement of having been married since April does not please Rachel, especially when she learns that both Steven and Felicia knew of the wedding.  Sophie and Thierry DuBois meet Remy and her family on Christmas Eve.  Lorna meets her cousin Lisa for the first time. Alli flirts with Sergei and Lisa is introduced to her aunt's young husband. Rachel learns that Amanda will be working for Evan's new company. Lorna and Felicia have "words" about Felicia's new husband.  Iris and Liz also have "words" at Rachel's.  Carl receives a "surprise" Christmas gift.  Donna and Matthew ask for Lisa and Remy's assistance in locating Donna's third baby.  Marley and Tyrone have the family over for Christmas Eve and have an unexpected visitor arrive.  Sharlene has her family and Russ over for Christmas Eve dinner and they also have some unexpected guests.  June Reiner has Sophie and Thierry over for dinner.  Cindy and David spend a romantic Christmas Eve together.

Christmas Day finds most of Bay City residents at church.  The DuBois meet Remy and Carlinos' for breakfast before church.  Jake and Vicky spend Christmas with the boys.  Lorna and Evan spend Christmas Day together.  Grant Harrison spends Christmas in a jail cell. Lisa and Lorna meet for lunch to get to know one another better over the holidays.

New Year's Eve finds most of the adults of Bay City partying at the Harbor Club.  It turns into a rather unforgettable New Year's Eve.Lisa tells Jamie that they are going to have a baby and Jamie announces it to the entire party. Sophie and Thierry get acquainted with more Bay City residents. Liz announces to Iris that her mother Sylvie is still alive.  Although, Iris begins the evening with Russ, she rings in the New Year with someone from her past. Tito and Nick fight over Remy,  upsetting the group.  Vicky goes into labor and is rushed to the hospital.  The teens have their own New Year's Eve celebration which gets out of hand.  At the hospital, while adults await word on the twins' birth, Rachel and Carl arrive to handle the drunken teens; except for Alli, who is busy with Sergei, whose wife Felicia follows them.  Vicky has some problems but the twins are finally born.

Now that I have your interest piqued, just go to our main page and click on Virtual Bay City so you can check out the episodes in detail.  You will also find all the former episodes posted as well, so that if you are new to TAWA, you can start at the beginning and not feel as though you walked in during the middle of the show.  After reading these latest episodes, I'm sure you'll have lots of questions.  Will Felicia see what is transpiring between Alli and her husband? How will Rachel and Carl handle the drunken teens?  What will life be like with Vicky and Jake and their new bundles of joy?  What will happen with Remy and her relationships with Nick and Tito?  Will the DuBois continue to have visits with Remy?  Will Donna find her missing baby?  What will happen with Iris now that she has learned that her mother Sylvie is still alive? For answers to these and many other questions, tune into the next episodes of Virtual Bay City which will be going up on April 1, 2000.

Also next month, you will be seeing stories posted by two new writers for Virtual Bay City who just happen to be professional writers as well.  Hope you enjoy the new episodes and keep coming back for more love, action, adventure, drama, comedy ..... you know, all the aspects that kept us hooked on our favorite soap, Another World.

Spotlight on: Wallingford
By: Missy

Another World had it's own version of the three musketeers.
They were Cass, Felicia and Wallingford.  They were a "family".  They had no reason to be together and were completely different in every possible way, but they were best friends and watched each other's backs.  They would yell at each other but the viewers could see the love they had for each other was always underneath it.

Wallingford was originally introduced on Another World as Cecile's informant.  He was only to be on for four weeks, but the fans were so enraged that they might lose their beloved Wallingford, his contract was extended and he was on Another World until Wallingford died of a heart attack. (The writers did this because Wallingford's portrayer, Brent Collins had died on Jan. 6, 1988 and they wanted to give him a fitting and final farewell on the show for the cast and the fans to say good-bye to their beloved Wallingford.)

There were many funny escapades that happened to our three 
musketeers.  Perhaps, they were more like the Marx Bros. 
Throughout the years, fans saw Cass, Felicia and Wally in many unusual situations.  Remember the time Wallingford and Felicia were in a truck? Wally was in the driver's seat, Felicia was riding shotgun, and as they started driving, he looked at Felicia and told her that he didn't know how to drive because he couldn't reach the pedals. As they were careening down the hill, Felicia with a look of shock, looked ahead and screamed that they were heading straight for Tallboy's Restaurant.  A moment later viewers heard a "crash" and saw Felicia and Wally in a pile of flour.  There was also the time that Wallingford spent the night in a cage with a gorilla and said something about who else would do something like this.

That was Wallingford.  He was always there for Cass and Felicia to lean on.  He was always getting involved with them in some hair-brained scheme and was busy bailing them out of jams.  Wally always knew what people needed.  He always wanted to help out.  Wally was a friend to everybody.  He always went out on a limb for his friends.  He always gave all the love he had to everyone he met.  He always made people laugh.  Wally could see the truth in everything.  He was charming and captivating.  On an episode devoted to Wallingford and his life, Cass and Felicia reminisced
about their friend and decided that Wallingford had been "sent" to take care of them until they could take care of themselves and that at this moment he was probably somewhere else taking care of some more lost souls. His view on life was to be honest and live life 110%.  Wallingford was quite a man and touched the lives of everyone he met.

Trivia Teaser - CONTEST

     Trivia Teasers will be a regular component of "Bay City Bylines" and will be part of a contest.  These will be on a point based scale and at the end of each quarter (every three months) there will be a prize for those who have the highest points. 

Last Month's Trivia

1) Who was Janet Matthews?
Baby sister to Jim and Will Matthews
2) What was The Alley, where was it located, and who worked there?
A club in Chicago that Danny Fargo, Madge Murray and Flo Murray worked at.
3) Who was Richard Burns, who killed him, how did he die and why?
Richard "Lefty" Burns was a sleazy drug trafficker who was killed by Lee Randolph when he tried to rape her after putting LSD into her coffee.  When she came out of her hallucination, she fought him off and stabbed him with the fireplace poker.
4) Who was Rafe Carter?
Rafe was the senior partner at the Carter and Grant law firm in Somerset, located fifty miles from Bay City.
5) Why was Brian Blake in Bay City?
 Brian was a young attorney hired by Rachel to take Russ "to the cleaners" in their divorce.
6) Who was Philip Wainwright and what was his mission in Bay City?
Phillip was a Long Island playboy hired by Iris to seduce Rachel by coming on to her while he was giving her horse riding lessons and get Rachel away from Iris' father Mac.
7)  Which Bay City characters have died in St. Croix and what were the causes?
Mary Matthews from a massive coronary and Janice Frame from knife stab wounds.
8) Who was Rocky Olsen and who was he involved with in Bay City?
Rocky was the Cory's stable man and he was involved with Louise, Iris' maid.
9)  Where was Mike Bauer from?
10)  Who were the men that Pat Randolph killed?
Tom Baxter and Greg Barnard

Points Awarded - 9.5 BCGAL

This Month's Questions (10)

1) Where were Steve and Rachel trapped when Steve realized that he still loved Rachel?
2) Felicia Gallant's character was modeled after what famous person?
3) Who was John Caldwell and why was he in Bay City?
4) Felicia was "best man" for which two Bay City grooms?
5) John Aprea played Lucas on AW.  He also appeared one season on a prime-time soap. Name the soap, his character, his profession and who killed him.
6) Name two former AW actors and their AW characters, who later played the same character on a night time soap.  Also name the night time soap and character.
7) What was Rue McClanahan's character and profession on AW?
8) Who was Nora Diamond and who did she visit on AW?
9) Name the actress who portrayed Nora and the character and prime time show she is currently on.
10) Actress Beverly McKinsey portrayed two characters on AW. Name them.

Deadline:  The twenty-fifth of Every Month at Midnight - No late submissions accepted
Submit answers to
Prizes will be awarded to those with highest points on February 1, 2000, May 1, 2000, August 1, 2000, and November 1, 2000 in "Bay City Bylines" Newsletter. 

One first prize:  Another World Anniversary Book
Two second prizes:  Another World Trivia Books
Three third prizes: "TAWA" T-Shirts
If tied in points, the winners must answer tie-breaker question.  All submissions will be judged with utmost fairness and non biased reason. 
Alum Alert

  • Kale Brown (ex-Michael), Timothy Gibbs (ex-Gary), John Bolger (ex-Gabe), and Robin Christopher (ex-Lorna) are tentatively scheduled to appear at the One Life to Live Fan Club Luncheon in May.
  • Amy Carlson (ex-Josie) guest stars on an upcoming episode of NYPD Blue.
  • Amy Carlson (ex-Josie) "Everything Put Together"
  • Amy Carlson (ex-Josie) HBO - "If These Walls Could Talk 2."
  • Amy Carlson (ex-Josie) "Falcone" on CBS - Look for this in April
  • Linda Dano  (ex-Felicia)appeared on QVC, 9-11, "New Looking Great with Linda Dano" with her accessory line. 
  • Timothy Gibbs (ex-Gary) finished filming "License to Steal." Possible release of summer 2000.
  • Anne Heche (ex-Vicky/Marley) - Staring and Directing "If These Walls Could Talk 2" HBO
  • Christine Jones (ex-Janice Frame) stars in 'The Garden of Hannah List' 
  • Laura Moss (ex-Amanda) on Broadway’s "Death of a Salesman."
  • Kim Rhodes (ex-Cindy)appears on the NBC comedy Stark, Raving Mad this Wednesday (check local listings)
  • Kim Rhodes (ex-Cindy) recently completed production on the film "In Pursuit
  • Michael Roderick (ex-Cameron) will be on the Holland America Hosts Daytime Celebrity Cruise in June. 
  • Taylor Stanley (ex-Remy) - currently filming "Delicate Cutting."
  • Paul Michael Valley (ex-Ryan) 'Arms and the Man' at the Gramercy Theatre in New York
  • Ellen Wheeler (ex-Marley/Vicky) ATWT in March. 
"TAWA" Popularity

Since its debut on June 29, 1999, TAWA has had 5,907 visitors to its web page.  This has increased by 1,013 visitors since the last publication of "Bay City Bylines."  63% of these visitors come back more than once and many of them pay tribute to "Another World" at TAWA.  Our role-playing game has 10 members, and our discussion mailing list is up to 30.  Come join in on the fun. 

Life With Vicky
Part Two
By: Danielle

Vicky and Jake are at the hospital. Vicky is in a hospital room while Jake and the boys are waiting in the waiting room. Jake is frantically pacing, the boys are sitting in two big black waiting room chairs that would probably be more comfortable if they had no backs.

Kirkland: This is all my fault, she probably ate one of those cookies I made for her, and just passed out!

Steve: Come on Kirk, they weren't that bad, well not as bad as mom's or anything.

Kirkland: that's not the point Steven! What if we lose mom again, huh, what if she's gone for good this time Steve? I don't want mommy to die, Steve, I don't!

Kirkland is holding back tears, he is so afraid, you can see that fear and pain in his eyes.

Steve: Don't you think I'm afraid too Kirk, don't you think the only thing I want is to be at home with those brats, mom in the kitchen, attempting to make dinner? I’m JUST AS SCARED AS YOU!

Jake hears there conversation and comes over to try and cheer up the boys.

Jake: Hey guys come on, your moms strong, she's not going to bail o us all now. Right, before you know she'll be at home making you burnt cookies for your lunches!!

Jake comes over and sits next to the boys. A tall man with blonde hair and hazel eyes walks over; he is wearing a white doctor's coat and a facial expression that says bad news all over it. He looks over at Jake.

Doctor: Are you Mr. McKinnon?

Jake: Yes, that's me, and you are?

Doctor: I'm Dr. Brown, I'm sorry to tell you this, but your wife has suffered from a mild drug over dose.

Jake: What did someone drug her?

Dr. Brown: As far as we can tell they were weight loss pills.

Jake: Weight loss pills, why would Vicky have weight loss pills.

Dr. Brown: Lots of mothers are concerned about their weight after pregnancy. Maybe that's why she felt she needed them.

Jake: You don't know my wife like I do. She's strong, and she loves her family and would never do anything she thought might hurt them.

Dr. Brown: Maybe your wife wasn't thinking with a clear head Mr. McKinnon.

Jake: STOP TALKING ABOUT MY WIFE THAT WAY!! She is no druggie; she is a beautiful, thin, amazing woman.

Dr. Brown: The strongest of women can have these types of problems.

Jake: CAN I SEE my wife please? Is she awake?

Dr. Brown: Yes she is, and I must advise you Mr. McKinnon, if you don't want to be kicked out of the hospital you best keep your voice down.

Dr. Brown walks away. The boys walk over to Jake, Kirkland is teary eyed. His head is slightly tilted and he is wearing an innocent face.

Kirkland: Can we come with you to see mom Jake?

Jake: I don't know guys, she uh, she is probably really tired, maybe later okay?

Steve: Come on Jake, we're all mom needs.

Kirkland: yeah, I'm sure as soon as she sees our faces she'll be good as knew!

Jake: You make a valid point buddy, but not right now. 

Steve: But what Jake?? It'll make mom happy, it'll make us happy, and it'll make you happy! You will be happy, right Jake?

Jake: Well sure, why, why wouldn't I be happy?

Kirkland:  I knew you would understand!! Let's go!

Jake and the boys are outside of Vicky's room, Jake knocks on the door, and opens it. Vicky's pale dead face smiles at them as she welcomes them into her room.

Vicky: Hey I was wondering when you guys would come visit me!

Kirkland: What happened to you mom??

Jake: That's not important, all that matters is that your moms okay.

Vicky: Jake's right, now I want hugs from all my men, and a kiss from my hero.

Steve and Kirkland both give Vicky big bear hugs and step back. Jake then walks over and gives Vicky a peck on the lips and then walks to the other side of the room.

Vicky: Boys, do you think I could talk to Jake alone for a minute?

Steve and Kirkland: Sure mom.

Steve and Kirkland leave the room.

Vicky: That was harsh Jake.

Jake: What do you want me to pretend I don't know everything?

Vicky: I did this for you Jake.

Jake: Just because you have problems, doesn't mean you can blame them on me.

Vicky: Don't you think I know I'm messed up?

Vicky: Jake, the authorities are threatening to take our children away from us. I can't believe I screwed up this bad.

Jake: Well you did. 

Vicky: But I still have you, and you'll help me, oh Jake I love you so much, I don't know what I would do without you.

Jake: well then you best start learning.

Vicky: What?? What are you talking about?

Jake: I'm going to be leaving the cottage for a while, just until I think you can be trusted again.

Vicky: But what about the twins, and the boys? Are you really going to make them suffer because of the mistake I made?

Jake: The kids won't suffer.

Vicky: Why’s that  Jake, huh? They love you, and they need you.

Jake: I need them too.

Vicky: so then you'll stay?

Jake: No, I'm leaving, and the kids are coming with me.

Vicky: you can't be serious, Jake, I need you now more then ever, how can you just bail on me?

Jake: This happened for a reason Vic, and you need to find out why before we can just move on with our lives.

Vicky: But Jake, those kids, our kids, they need me.

Jake: NO Vic, they need a mom.

June 25, 2000 Renunion?

Could a June 25th fan reunion be in the works?  From what we hear at TAWA, it surely is possible.  It may be during the weekend of June 25, 2000 in NYC, possibly Central Park.  This may become an annual affair.  A possible event for this years reunion is the dedication of the park bench, that is being coordinated by fellow AW fans.  If there isn’t enough money, items will be auctioned off to raise the rest.  A revisit to Blondies is also possible.  Will keep you posted. 


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