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Monthly Edition                                                                          October 15, 1999                                                                Volume 1, Edition 2, Page 1

"We do not live in this world alone, but in a thousand other worlds." - Another World Opening Line

A CSAW Perspective
Submitted by: Caroline
     Instead of telling you what the CSAW does (you'll get plenty of that ), let me tell you what the CSAW has done for me.  I have been a big fan of  Another World for 10 years , and it was my one hour each day that I looked forward to. My cat would curl up on my lap and we would relax with our Bay City friends.
     Since  Another World went off the air , I overextended myself with commitments, to ensure that every day is filled to the max. The prospect of getting through an empty day without my beloved friends was a grim one indeed!  After a few weeks I  had to pay extra attention to my cat, as he got stressed having to go without his snuggle time, and he started biting himself.
     When I found CSAW on the net , the realization that I wasn't alone was so wonderful. And the idea that I can stand up to the Networks and be heard was even more wonderful! You see, I am over 35, and am also one of these "housewives".  Even though I chose to stay home and raise my son, over the years I have felt somewhat isolated as most other women work outside the home.
     When NBC clearly proclaimed people in my age bracket as an " undesired demographic," I got really angry. I have been doing one of the most important, albeit overlooked jobs there are today, and Another World was the only break I gave myself during the day. Yes, there area other Daytime Drama's , but I wasn't looking for fantasy. I got enough of that raising a little child.  Another World gave me what I think most people find around those water coolers. Stories which make you say "been there..." or "tell me about it..."
     The CSAW (Committee to Save Another World) has given me the forum to express my discontent. Not by yelling or screaming, but by the power of education and quiet persistence.  I have made so many friends in CSAW . My cat now curls up on my lap as I check my messages or visit my friends in the AW4EVER room. Still, I only spend about an hour each day , same as before.  However, my self-esteem has soared, my knowledge about the Networks and how they are run in growing, and my world has opened up.  All thanks to CSAW!  I actually am not looking forward to the day that Another World goes back into production.  With all the energy surging within the CSAW, we may have to find another cause . Isn't this how Kings got de-throned way back? Interesting, isn't it...
CSAW and Another World Cancellation
Submitted by: Storm

     I still remember that bleak evening, April 12, 1999, when at around Midnight, I checked my email and online communities about "Another World."  The news of "Another World's" cancellation shocked me.  I was torn apart by this decay in television history.  I sadly signed off-line and turned on the television to watch that days episode.  To be honest the tears were already streaming down my cheeks at this point. 
     About an hour an a half later I decided that since I couldn't sleep I would go back online and see if I could find any information on how to fight these empires that shut down my favorite show.  I had watched Another World for close to twelve years, and was not about to let it go easily.  Not surprisingly, I ended up in a talk city chartroom where others' shared my opinions. 
     For the next few weeks, I wrote letters, made phone calls and started working online with anyone who would listen.  Yes, I did contact the occasional "mega-jerk" who told me it was a soap opera and that I needed to move on, but I did not let that detour me.  During this time, I saw many others who were working independently as I was to change the corporate world's minds about soap operas, "Another World" in general. 
     It was lonely working out there by myself, and I was elated to find out that there were others out there who were banning together to find "Another World" a new home.  These others began calling themselves, "The Committee to Save Another World," more fondly known now as CSAW. 
     This group of talented and educated individuals took the time to make unity to the hundreds of fans that were fighting the business world.  I have gotten to know plenty of CSAW members and am proud to be an "Another World" fan.  They gave me cause and confidence in our mission.  To be as honest as possible with you, there is the chance that we won't get "Another World," back, but at least I know we tried.  We did not die a slow cruel death, and our work will not have been done in vain because the mission is not only to put Another World back into production, but to let corporations know that their consumers are educated and do have a right to say what they do or don't purchase.  At this point, we have achieved that mission and continue to keep going until we achieve our other mission "getting Another World placed back into production. "

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