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Sting's Profile


Real name: Steven James Borden

Birthday: March 20th, 1959

Height: 6'3"

Weight: 259lbs

Family: wife Sue and two sons Garrett and Steven (born 1991 & 1992) and a new little Stinger, Gracie (born Jan 2000)

His Motto: 'We're having fun now!' 'AAOOOOWWWWWWWWWWW!!!' 'iiiiiiiiit's showtime, folks!!!!!!!!' 'I'm back... and in black!'

Where was he born? Omaha, Nebraska

Home town: Venice Beach, CA


Stinger Splash

Scorpion Deathdrop

Scorpion Deathlock


UWF Tag Title - with the Ultimate Warrior

WCW Tag Title - with Lex Luger/Giant/Kevin Nash

NWA Tag Title - with Ric Flair

AWF Tag Title - with Eddie Gilbert

NWA Tag Title - with Rick Steiner

WCW Tv Title

WCW World International Title

WCW World Title

WCW World Heavyweight Title

WCW US Heavyweight Title

NWA World Title

NWA World Television Title

Lord of the Ring

King of Cable


One of the best loved stars in professional wrestling, Sting has held many titles in his incredibly successful career.

He's now combined all three of his past personas - the cockiness of the blonde surfer dude, the crow look and the Wolfpac's loudness.

Much to everyone's excitement, he won the Presidency of WCW from Ric Flair on July 19th and kept it before handing it over to WCW on August 9th.

Renewing his friendship with the 'Hulkamaniac' Hogan , they've formed a powerful force that will be unstoppable in WCW.

Master of the Scorpion Deathlock, Sting has won fans over with his magnetic charisma and tenacious attitude. Not too mention he looks so cute with his black, white (and red) facepaint and brooding disposition.

The tragic night Owen Hart passed away after a failed decent from the ceiling, Sting decided to scrap the idea of coming from the rafters.

He has carved out two highly successful Main Event fitness centers in Atlanta with his good friend and co-owner, Lex Luger.

When not hanging around in the rafters or wielding his baseball bat, Sting enjoys riding his Harley, driving tractors, 4WD jeeps, playing golf and restoring old houses with his wife.

He has one hip joint higher than the other and he can't sit still in a chair. (as he said when on QVC)

Sting the singer and WCW's Sting are very good friends and he has also trained 'Marvelous' Marc Mero.

He owns the rights to the name 'Sting'.

He is a member of Santa Clarita's Church On The Rock and his brother Jeff is the pastor at the church.

He and Lex Luger are the only two men to ever hold the WCW quadruple crown - the World, World Tag Team, Television and United States titles.


Favorite candy: "I'm a sugar freak. I like anything with peanut butter in it."

Other sweets: "Cookies and milk, especially cookies with peanut butter."

Favorite junk food: "Double Whopper with cheese. Also Mexican food."

Favorite pizza: "I love Domino's, with everything on it except anchovies."

Favorite ice cream: "Pralines and cream."

Favorite sports star: "I really don't have a favorite."

Favorite car: "My 1972 Ford Ranchero with 82,000 miles on the odometer."

Favorite dog: "A Doberman named Darth. I had him for five years, then got into wrestling and gave him to my mother and father. He was the best dog."

Favorite arena: "That's tough. I will say I've had some great moments at Baltimore Arena."

Favorite card game: "Beale Street."

Card-playing archrival: "Hacksaw Jim Duggan."

Favorite wrestler to watch in the ring: "Rey Mysterio, Jr."

Superstitions: "The only thing I do that's even close to a superstition is: after putting on each kneepad, I slap each one."

Boyhood Idol: "My cousin Bobby, who was a middle line-backer at Nebraska. He died tragically in a fishing accident."

Wrestling Style **

Explosive power, tremendous experience and punishing attacks rank him among wrestling's elite... Bites with the Scorpion Death Lock or the Stinger Splash... Entrance music is "Seek and Destroy" by Metallica.

Did You Know? **

Before slamming opponents in the ring, Sting dunked basketballs in the collegiate ranks, as well as smacked volleyballs and surfed on the California coast... The wrestler, not the singer, owns the copyright to the name "Sting"... Has appeared in concert with his rock namesake... Native of Venice Beach... Enjoys riding his Harley Davidson motorcycle, off-road jeeps and golf... Favorite card game is Beale Street... Has a feature role in the TNT original movie "ShutterSpeed" with co-star Daisy Fuentes... Past screen appearances have included the independent film "The Real Reason" and in Hulk Hogan's television series "Thunder in Paradise"... Been a guest on "Politically Incorrect"... Stars as himself in the Warner Bros. movie "Ready To Rumble"... A biography of his colorful career, "Sting: Unmasked," spent time at No. 1 on the recreational sports video list... Admires actors Al Pacino, Robert DeNiro and Edward Norton... Craves cookies and milk, peanut butter and Double-Whoppers when straying off his strict high protein diet... Most fulfilling activity is working with the Make-A-Wish and Starlight Foundations, which grant wishes to critically ill children.

Sting History: Sting's history as a world

July 7, 1990, Sting won his first World Heavyweight Title, defeating Ric Flair for the National Wrestling Alliance's biggest prize. The match was one of the greatest bouts in wrestling history, and Sting considers it a career highlight.

Flair won the belt back six months later. It took Sting over a year to again excel in the singles scene, but on Feb. 29, 1992, the Venice Beach-native defeated Lex Luger for the WCW World Heavyweight Title. The match was significant. Both men appeared in WCW at the same time, both were considered the future of the sport and both battled, together and against, one other.

Sting lost the title to Big Van Vader on July 12, 1992. A year later, Sting won it back, only to lose it again, six days later, to Vader in Dublin, Ireland. Sting's next major World Title feud was against Ric Rude. The two foes went back-and-forth, with Sting eventually forfeiting the belt in Fukuoka, Japan. Rude had defeated Sting by striking him with a belt. When the decision was reversed, Sting refused to take the belt back.

On May 22, 1994, Sting won the International Title (which had been held up) in a match against Vader. Sting lost the belt to Ric Flair a month later, when WCW decided to unify the WCW International Title with the WCW World Title (which Flair had won from Ricky Steamboat).

Two years later, Sting's battles with the New World Order gave him a new look and hunger for the World Title. After pursuing Hollywood Hogan for over a year, Sting defeated the nWo founder at the 1997 Starrcade pay-per-view. A week later, due to Bret Hart's interference, the belt was declared vacant. Sting defeated Hogan again on Feb. 22, 1998, and officially became champion. On April 19, 1998, he lost to the title to Randy Savage.

Sting's next title reign was the shortest in WCW history. On April 26, 1999, Sting defeated Diamond Dallas Page on Monday Nitro, only to lose the belt during the same program. The second World Title match was a Four-Way Dance with DDP, Kevin Nash and Bill Goldberg. Due to a match stipulation, Sting wasn't pinned (DDP defeated Nash for the title).

Later that year, on Sept. 14, 1999, Sting again defeated Hogan for the World Title, with the help of a black bat. The next month, in a controversial move, Hogan chose to simply lay down for Sting and forego his rematch. In an effort to entertain fans, Sting made an open challenge to the locker room. Goldberg accepted, and defeated Sting in a tremendous match.

The next night at Monday Nitro, Sting argued that he'd never put his title on the line, and was only trying to help WCW out of an uncomfortable situation. When WCW executive JJ Dillon refused to give him back his belt, Sting struck him. As a result, the belt was held up, and a 32-Man Tournament was announced for the following week. Bret Hart won the tournament at the following pay-per-view.

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