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     Freq AMatuer Radio Team
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        Freq AMatuer Radio Team
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        Freq Amatuer Radio Team
FART is an amatuer radio club based in the suburbs of Chicago, IL.  We are planning to put a repeater within the next six monthes, we are awaitng cordination and the arrival of the final peices of equipment.  Membership is free, but donations to club purchases and club events are strongly recomended.
To join just send an email to with your email address so we can send you a membership aplication.
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      Freq amatuer radio team
History of the FART

The Freq Amatuer Radio Team was first concieved in 1998 as teh R.C.A.R.C.  A small, relatively inactive club that used a simplex frequency of 147.200 with a 233.6 Hz tone to communicate between nenebers.

All of these amatuers (namely KB9TVZ, KC9UMR, and KB9TAM) were members of WAFAR, and participated with them and teh CSRA for feild day activities.  In the year 2000 the club had an oppertunity to recieve two repeaters based on Motorola MICOR FM radios.  At this point a more official organization needed to established.  At this point a new acronym had to be established, F.A.R.T. was chosen partially as a joke, because of the members flagulance problems, and because of the "frequiness" of the group.

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     Freq AMatuer Radio Team

Pictures from feild day 1999

 KC9UMR and KB9TVZ constuct a 10 meter yagi from some aluminum, wood, conduit, and an asortment of nuts and bolts.  They antenna worked well, 100 contacts, even though it radiated 45 degrees off center.
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More Pics

The antenna and the the feild day 1999 shack up and running

The citronella candles really healped with the bugs and added to the coolness of the tent.  We couldnt find any pink flamingo's though.  the fan helped remove the humidity after the downpoor, it always rain on feild day in Chicago.
         Freq amatuer radio team
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the 10 meter feild day set-up.  An Yaesu ft-840 connected to the home built Yagi.  We made 100 contacts with this set-up. 
The three members of fart at Feail day 1999: from left to right, Kan KC9UMR, Rob, and Lou KB9TVZ.  Ken is working on 10 meters with the FT-840while Rob logs for him. Lou works 2 meters from an IC-2800H.
This is the station on Sunday, after a long night in the tent we decide to move the station outside for some fresh air.  This also let us begin clean-up a little sooner.   Last year was a blast and the we cant wait for Feild Day 2000.  With more time to prepare this should be an even better one.  The pictures will be posted as soon as possible.