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I am selling Ring Plans for $15. The Ring Plans include everything you need to know to build a ring that looks just like ours. The plans tell you what supplies you need, what tools you need, where to get the supplies, and step by step instructions on how to put the ring together. Believe me, its worth your $15. If you are interested, E-Mail me at Or Send $15 Cash, Check, Or Money Order To:

Bill Donato

608 Gardner St.

Belvidere Illinois, 61008

I Have Received Many Questions About The Ring, So I'm Putting Up Some More Information About The Ring.

1. The Price Varies A lot Due To What Supplies You Already Have, Or Can Get For Free. The Average Person Would Probably Have To Pay Around $900 For Supplies.

2. The Size Of The Ring Is 16x16. It is The Same Size As WCW's Ring.

3. Shipping Of The Plans Usually Takes 3-5 Days Depending on where You Live.

4. The ropes on the ring are fully usable, they also support a lot of weight.

5. Is the ring soft? Everyone that has wrestled on it has agreed that it doesn't hurt.

6. The ring costs a lot is it really worth it? Well It may cost a lot, but it is the closest thing to a real wrestling ring you can get in your backyard.

7. Is the ring portable? No its not, It can be moved but it would be a painstaking process.