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The Casual Commodity Trader

Some thoughts regarding trading

Last updated Tuesday June 23, 1998 8:20pm cst ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ The commodity markets are giving the investment markets a false sense of security...people are becoming more and more convinced that we do not and WILL NOT have inflation in the near term ... as a result there has been a slow gradual decrease in commodity prices. What most people seem to forget is that in the commodites markets you can short on a down tick, so it is much easier to play both sides of the markets---as a result you really do not need a bull market in commodities to make substantial money. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ Some of you have already recieved my email regarding forming a partnership/corporation for trading commodities. If you have not, please use the email link below to contact me if you are interested (or know someone who may be interested). All issues from legal concerns to the size of the endeavor will only be answered on a one on one basis--- there will be no mass junk emailing for this--- I think most of us have received far too many of those. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ As usual, feel free to email me with questions, comments anc criticism. Have a healthy and profitable week.

Some additional ways to make (or lose) money

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