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Nick's Homepage

Hey, welcome to my personal homepage. I’m going to tell you little about myself first. I was born at Huntington Beach, CA on August 30, 1982. I lived in a small town called Moorpark, CA for about eight years until my dad's job forced us to move to Atlanta, GA where we stayed for about five years. My parent then got divorced and I moved to Peoria, Ill. and I've lived here for about five years. I work as a technical director and movie commentator on “The A.J. Show” (Peoria's Funniest talk show) and worked on the Opinion (Peoria High School's Newspaper) as a reporter and photographer. I have many hobbies including collecting movie posters, model railroading, biking, and camping. I graduated from Peoria High School and now attend Illinois Central College. I am very experienced in Radio Electronics and Computers. I go camping every month also. I am very involved with my church and our youth program.

The show I work on also has a website. Here is the link.

I love movies! My favorites are listed on the A.J. Show website. My favorite movies are the Lethal Weapon movies; they are the best. I plan to become a movie producer after film school in New York or Los Angeles. My father lives in Lancaster, CA and works for Lockheed Martin.

Here is a picture of me doing my movie comentary on The A.J. Show.


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