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Check your ABA points {ABA BMX POINTS}


P.O. Box 733 Island Lake IL 60042
(847) 526 - 4226

BMX POINTS record keeping system

This is by far the best record keeping book on the market today . If you race in the ABA this is a must have. You have have to keep track of your points , and this is the best way to do it .No better way than the intraX Record Keeping System .Don't lose the valuable points you earn to bad record keeping . Keep track with intraX!

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This is a great record keeping book to use with the ABA's Points Trakker program!!! If you are looking for a program to help you track points - you've found them both . Keep track of your motos at the track with intraX , then go home and calculate your points with theABA's Points Trakker. .This program will keep track of district points for ABA riders - you don't even need to know how to calculate district points!!!

P.O. Box 733 Island Lake , IL 60042 (847) 526 - 4226

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E-Z Track Record keeping by intraX is a must have for the ABA Racer !

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