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Simplified Books 
TITLES LIST | Penguin | Longman | 
LYR   Stripey Short Stories 
The Magician (Level 1) 
Pam And Rick (Level 2) 
African Adventure (Level 3) 
Super Quiz Champion (Level 4) 
The Tree Of Life (Level 5) 
The Tunnel (Level 6) 

LYR   Polka Dot Playlets 
The Apple Dragon (Level 1)  
The Sea Robots (Level 2) 
Big Heart (Level 3) 
The Crystal Balls (Level 4)  
Children Of The Sun (Level 5) 
The Four Robins (Level 6) 

LYR  Footsteps  Level 1 
Does A Whale Eat Ice Cream ? 
Where's My Baby ? 

LYR   Footsteps  Level 2 
How To Save The World 
Playground Games 
Supersnake In: Going Fishing 

LYR  Footsteps  Level 3 
Monza's English Holiday  
Tortoise Shell 

LYR   Rainbow Readers 
Rabbit's Friends (Stage 1)  
Boboric's Holiday (Stage 2) 
The Lazy Farmer (Stage 3) 
The Clever Shoemaker (Stage 4) 
Kidnapped ! (Stage 5) 
A Dangerous Journey (Stage 6) 

Fav. Fairy Tales  St/bks  
The Four Musicians  

Anita's Big Day 
April In Moscow 
Between Two Worlds 
Billy and the Queen 
Blue Moon Valley 
Dead Man's River 
Dino's Day In London 
Fireboy, The 
Flying Home 
Hannah And The Hurricane 
Last Photo, The 
Leopard and the Lighthouse, The 
Maisie And The Dolphin 
Marcel And The Mona Lisa 
Marcel And The White Star 
Simon and the Spy 
Tinkers Farm 
Tinkers Island  
Who Wants To Be A Star?  

L. Originals  Level  1 ( 300  words) 
Ali And His Camera  
Amazon Rally, The 
Ask Me Again 
Barcelona Game, The 
Battle Of Newton Road 
Island For Sale 
Lisa In London 
Marcel And The Shakespeare Letters 
Marcel Goes To Hollywood 
Mike's Lucky Day 
Missing Coins, The 
Operation Janus  
Six Sketches 
Wrong Man,The 

L. Orig.  Level  2 ( 600  words ) 
Another World 
Diana, Life of a Princess 
Double Fear  
Earthquake, The 
Face on the Screen and Other St.,The 
Fire  In  The  Forest 
Girl Against The Jungle 
Gold Lasso, The  
Inspector Thackeray Arrives 
K's First Case 
Lost In New York  
Lost Love and Other Stories 
My Dear Aunt & A Morning In London 
Project Omega 
Wanted: Anna Marker 

L. Orig.   Level 3 ( 900  words ) 
Chance of a Lifetime  
Dangerous Game 
David and Marianne 
Down The River 
Julie Chan Is Missing 
Lost Twin, The  
Operation Mastermind  
Photo Of The Tall Man 
Ring, The  
Rosa Raye: Crime Reporter

L. Orig.  Level  4 (1200  words) 
Forger, The  
Goodbye Summer Blues 
Great Discovery, The  
Hong Kong Connection, The 
Inspector Thackeray Arrives  
Man Who Made Diamonds, The  
Mystery Of The Blue Mines, The 

L. Fiction   L/ Int 1200 words 
Accidental Tourist, The 
Horse Whisperer, The  
Island of the Blue Dolphins 
Scandal in Bohemia, A 
Silas Marner 
White Mountains, The 

L. Fiction   Int. 1600 words 
Go Between, The 
On the Beach 

L. Fiction  Upp/ Int  2000 words 
Citadel, The 
Great Gatsby, The 
Invisible Man, The 
Jamaica Inn 
Prisoner of Zenda, The 
Round the World in Eighty Days 
Strange Case of Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde 
Tales from Mystery and Imagination 

L. Fiction  Advanced 3000 words 
Brave New World 
Cry the Beloved Country 
Great Expectations 
Kolymsky Heights 
Snow Falling on Cedars 

L. Fiction Adv. Full Text 
Animal Farm 

Longman Picture Classics 
Bleak  House 
Call Of The Wild, The 
Doctor Jekyll And Mister Hyde 
Prince And The Pauper, The 
Robinson Crusoe 
Silas  Marner 

L. Classics  Stage 1 (500 words) 
Adventures Of  Sindbad The Sailor 
King Arthur & The Knights Of Round Table. 

L. Classics  Stage 2 (900 words) 
Mysterious Island, The 
Prince And The Pauper The  
Tales From The Arabian Nights  

L. Classics Stage 3 (1300 words) 
Count Of Monte Cristo, The 
Swiss Family Robinson, The  
Vanity Fair  

L. Classics  Stage 4 (1800 words) 
Call Of The Wild, The 
Lorna Doone 

LEL  Level 1  (300 words) 
Dead In The Morning  
Inspector Holt And The Fur Van  

LEL  Level 2  (600 words) 
Chariots of Fire 
Inspector Holt: The Bridge 
Oliver Twist  
Prince and the Poor Boy, The 
Titanic is Sinking, The  

LEL  Level 3  (1000 words) 
An American Tragedy 
Importance of Being Earnest, The 
Room with a View, A  

LEL  Level 4  (1500 words) 
Death In Vienna ?  
Rear Window 

LEL  Level 5  (2000 words) 
Experiences Of Terror  
Where Eagles Dare  

LEL  Level 6  (2500  words) 
Hard Times

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