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The Baby Party and Other Stories by: F. S. FITZGERALD         0 140 81499X 
In these four stories, Scott Fitzgerald shows how different people react in a variety of very different situations; with humour , he shows us the light and dark sides of human mature. 
F. Scott Fitzgerald 91896-1940) was the voice if his generation - the perfect expression of the world of American youth in the 1920s. 
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The Body by: STEPHEN KING          0 140 81518X 
Four young boys go to look for a friend who has disappeared. They think he is dead. As they look for him they discover how cruel the world can be. However, they also discover some of the world’s secret wonders. 
A magical story by Stephen King, the highest-earning author in the world. The Body was filmed in 1986 as Stand By Me. 
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Dr. Zhivago by: BORIS PASTERNAK         0 140 816607 
The Russian Revolution forms the background to this beautiful but heartbreaking tale of four young people, Yury, Tonya, Lara and Pasha, who find love only to lose it again in tragic circumstances.  
A classic love story, Dr. Zhivago remains one of the best-loved romantic books of the century. It was also beautifully filmed with Omar Sharif and Julie Christie in the leading roles.  
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The Firm by: JOHN GRISHAM           0 140 814698 
Mitch McDeere is young. intelligent and ambitious. When he gets a job with a top law firm, he is delighted. But soon Mitch finds that the firm is listening to his phone calls, and the FBI want to speak to him... 
It is impossible to put this book down. It has also been released as a major film. 
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Four Weddings and a Funeral by: RICHARD CURTIS         0 140 816631 
It’s Saturday morning and Charles is still asleep. He should be on his way to Angus and Laura’s wedding! Charles is always going to other people’s weddings and he is always late. He’s worried that he will never find the right person to marry. Then he meets Carrie and suddenly love is in the air...! 
Four Wedding and a Funeral is one of the most successful British films ever made. It is a very funny tale of friendship, love and marriage in 1990s England. 
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The Grass  is Singing by: DORIS LESSING           0140 815031 
Mary marries Charlie Turner, a poor white south American farmer. Mary gets lonely and unhappy. She falls obsessively in love with her black houeboy, but treats him cruelly, as she treats all black Africans... 
A powerful psychological study of an unhappy, and a disturbing insight into Rhodesian society in the late 1940s. 
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Jude the Obscure by: THOMAS HARDY          0 140 815023 
Jude Fawley and Sue Bridehead have both had unhappy first marriages. They fall in love. This is the story of their love, and of the way their past returns, bringing them problems, and, in the end, great sadness. 
A classic tale of love, conflict and tragedy.  One of Hardy’s most poignant novels, published in 1985. 
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The Old Jest by: JENNIFER JOHNSTON         0140 814973 
It is the late summer of 1920 near Dublin. Nancy is eighteen years old, young and in love. Here everything is quiet, but the Dublin newspapers are full of bombings and shootings. Then Nancy meets a stranger and knows her life will change for ever... 
This book won an award in 1979. 
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On the Road by: JACK KEROUAC            0 140 81664X 
Love, jazz and excitement! These are all part of Sal Paradise’s adventures ‘On the Road’ with his wild friend Dean Moriarty and other companions as they travel together across the USA. 
One of the most famous American books of the century, On the Road, has been made into a wonderful film that really captures the atmosphere of the ‘Beat Generation.’ 
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The Pelican Brief by: JOHN GRISHAM           0 140 81485X 
In Washington, two judges are murdered and only the young law student Darby Shaw knows why.  She has uncovered a secret - but will anyone believe her? Can she stay alive long enough to persuade them she is right?  
A spine-chiller by one of the most outstanding thriller writers of the 1990s 
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Pride and Prejudice by: JANE AUSTEN         0 140 815074 
Mrs. Bennet wants all of her five daughters to marry - and to marry well. When a rich young man comes to the village, Mrs. Bennet thinks he will make a wonderful husband.... 
A classic by Jane Austen ( 1775-1817). Her witty novel is a masterpiece of insight into personal relationships and social tensions. 
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Prime Suspect by: LYNDA LA PLANTE          0140 814728 
A woman is murdered. The police think they know who the murderer is but they cannot prove it. Chief Detective Jane Tennison fights to solve the crime and to win the respect of the policemen she commands. Then a second body is found... 
A best-seller by a renowned writer of contemporary crime fiction. The screenplay of Prime Suspect won a television award in 1992. 
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Sons and Lovers by: D. H. LAWRENCE             0 140 815775 
This moving story describes family life in a coalminer’s family around the beginning of the 20th century; and the emotional development of Paul Morel, torn between his passionate love for his mother and his romantic friendships with two young  woman, Miriam and Clara.  
A masterpiece from one of the most important British writers of the 20th century. 
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A Twist in the Tale Edited by: PENNY CAMERON            0 140 815147 
A rich man leaves his farm and returns to England - but where does he really go? A farmer gets revenge on a man who steals his animals - but how? A photographer disappears - what has happened?  
Three stories by five different Australian writers are sometimes funny and sometimes sad, but they all have a surprise at the end. 
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The Warden by: ANTHONY TROLLOPE           0 140 81471X 
Should Septimus Harding leave his job as warden of Hiram’s Hospital? It seems simple, but soon his family, friends, the people in his town and church, and then the newspapers and the whole country are talking about it! 
Power, money, the church, class... this is a classic about life and society in Victorian England by one of England’s most famous writers. 
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Web by: JOHN WYNDHAM        0 140 815309 
The Island of Tanakuatua seems like heaven to the forty people who go there to create a new society. But soon they start to die in a horrible way.  Something strange is in the forest... A chilling story by one of the most renowned science fiction writers of all time. 
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