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The Boys From Brazil  by:  IRA  LEVIN                            0 140 814671         
It is 1974,  but for Dr. Mengele and his group of Nazis the War is not over.  They have a plan to rule the world.  There is a list of men who must be killed.  Then there are the boys, who live in different parts of the world , but have the same body, hair, face ...   Why is Mengele so interested in them ? 
Mystery, violence, horror and fantasy from best-selling American thriller-writer, Ira Levin. 
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The Breathing Method by: STEPHEN KING            0 140 815457 
There is a strange club in New York where men tell each other stories. The years pass but no one looks older. One night a doctor tells the story of a young woman who gives birth to her baby - in the most horrible way!  
Evil, psychic powers, obsession and the supernatural - in the most ordinary of everyday places! A spin-chiller from the master of horror. 
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The Burden of Proof by: SCOTT TUROW               0 140 815783 
One afternoon, the lawyer Sandy Stern returned home to find his wife Clara dead in the garage. From that day, Sandy started to find out about the woman he had been married to for thirty-one years. The lives of all his family would never be the same again. 
Another blockbuster from the most brilliant thriller writers. 
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The Client by: JOHN GRISHAM            0 140 816011 
Mark Sway is eleven and he knows where a body is hidden. With that body the FBI can prove a Mafia murder. Mark wants to be honest, but he also wants to be safe. He mploys an unusual lawyer . She must protect the child from the law and from the killers. But she has help: Mark is a clever client.  
A Powerful and original bestseller that has been made into a film.  
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The Danger by: DICK FRANCIS            0 140 815082 
In Italy, Alessia Cenci, a famous jockey, is kidnapped. Next, a small child is kidnapped in England. Then a man is kidnapped in the United States. All three kidnappings are in the horse-racing world. Is the same man behind them? 
Another action-packed thriller from one of Britain’s top-selling crime writers. 
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Detective Work  by:  JOHN ESCOTT                0 140 815066 
A diamond  necklace is stolen from a museum. Everyone who works at the museum could be guilty. But who really took the necklace, and why? Paul, a young student, helps the police to find the thief. 
An exciting and addictive detective story, suitable for younger learners. 
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The Diary of a Young Girl  by:  ANNE  FRANK        0 14 0  816550              New 
In July 1942, Anne Frank was thirteen years old, when she and her family had to escape from the terrifying danger of the Nazi occupation in Holland. For two years, they hid in tiny secret rooms at the back of an Amsterdam warehouse and Anne wrote her diary.  In her diary she vividly describes the frustrations of living in such confined quarters, the constant treat of discovery, hunger and tiredness, and above all, the boredom. Her diary ends abruptly when, in August 1944, she and her family were finally discovered by the Nazis. 
The diary of Anne Frank remains an extraordinary and deeply moving account of their lives in hiding. Since its publication by Otto Frank, the family’s sole survivor, in 1947, Anne’s diary has been read and loved by millions of people all over the world. Anne died in a concentration camp in 1945. 
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The Doll’s House and Other Stories by:  K. MANSFIELD        0 140 81504 X 
The young wife with her good husband, beautiful house and exciting friends; the singer who is so proud of his art; the young girls who are in love with their new toy; and a family giving a party in the garden of their large house. Life seems very good to them. 
But things are never what they seem, especially in  Katherine  Mansfield ‘s  world  .... 
Katherine Mansfield  wrote some of the best short stories in English language.  These four stories take place in England and New Zealand. They are funny, sad, and often cruel. 
"A collection of short stories by one of the most outstanding New Zealand women writers of this century". 
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Dracula by:  BRAM  STOKER            0 140 815104 
Count Dracula is a vampire. He drinks people’s blood. He lives in a lonely castle in the mountains of a distant country known as Transylvania.  But when he comes to England ....   Professor Van Helsing knows about vampires, but he stop Dracula in time ? 
Bram Stoker’s Dracula is the world’s famous horror story and has been the inspiration for many films. 
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Emma  by:  JANE AUSTEN                 0 140 816585                                   New 
Emma  Woodhouse  is  beautiful, clever and rich.  She loves “match-making” -  arranging  marriages between her friends and neighbours in the village of Highbury.  However, she often creates more heartache than happiness-and what about her own chance of love .. ? 
Jane Austen ( 1775-1817 ) is still one of the world’s favorite authors and her delightful stories have been enjoyed by generations of readers.  Emma was made into a film in 1997 starring  Gwyneth Paltrow. 
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Farewell,  My Lovely  by:  RAYMOND  CHANDLER               0 140 815155  
Private detective Philip Marlowe is in trouble again! He witnesses a murder.  He knows the killer. The police do not want to find the murderer... Marlowe thinks this is strange... 
A classic non-stop-action thriller from Raymond Chandler ( 1888-1959 ) , Anerica’s master of crime fiction. 
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Far From the Madding Crowd by: THOMAS HARDY              0 140 815317 
Bathsheba Everdene is a beautiful young woman. Three men say they love her, but she marries the wrong one. This compulsive and tragic story takes place in the beautiful countryside of the south of England. 
A tale of passion, loyalty and betrayal, set against the predictable natural cycle of the countryside. A masterpiece. 
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Glitz by: ELMORE LEONARD        0 140 814787 
Teddy Magyk was a killer and Vincent Mora, a Miami policeman, wanted him in the prison. But there was a problem. Teddy wanted Vincent too. He wanted to kill him.   
A masterpiece of crime fiction. 
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The Godfather by: MARIO PUZO          0 140 816852 
This is the best-known tale of the American Mafia ever told. Don Corleone is the Godfather, the head of one of the richest families in New York. He is a gangster and his business is crime, violence and murder. His favourite son  Michael is a lawyer who wants to lead a quiet, peaceful life. But when his father is nearly killed by rival gangsters Michael gets pulled into the dangerous world of the ‘family business’... 
The Godfather, starring Marlon Brando and Al Pacino, is one of the most popular films ever made. So popular in fact that three sequels were made about the Carleone family. 
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Gone with the Wind by: MARGARET MITCHELL      Part 1           0 140 814906 
The beautiful Scarlett O’Hara learns that  Ashley Wilkes, the man she secretly loves, is going to marry another woman. Even the American Civil War is nothing compared to Scarlett’s broken heart. But one man knows her secret - and he wants her for himself! 
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Gone with the Wind by: MARGARET MITCHELL     Part 2            0 140 814914  
The American South has lost the Civil War. Scarlett O’Harra has to work hard to build up her life again, but she has no money. The handsome Rhett Butler is rich, but he soon to be hanged for murder. Then there is Ashley Wilkes. He is married now, but Scarlett  
still loves him. Does he love her?  
One of the greatest romantic sagas ever written, Gone with the Wind is also a classic film with Vivienne Leigh and Clark Gable. 
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The House of Stairs by: BARBARA VINE            0 140 815767 
A few years ago a group of people lived in a house in London. One of them was murdered, but who was it? We slowly find out what really happened, and the past, the present, and the future are joined together in a frightening story. 
Compelling non-stop suspense from this distinguished master crafts-woman, Barbara Vine.  
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The Locked Room and Other Horror Stories by: M. R. JAMES    0 140 815716 
A tree full of enormous spiders, curtains like a dead man’s hair; an old man with no heart. This are some of the things you will discover in this terrifying short stories. Mr. James is one of the greatest horror writers of all time. 
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The Lost World by: MICHAEL CRICHTON          0 140 816739 
It is six years since the disaster at Jurassic Park and the park is closed, the Island deserted, the dinosaurs are destroyed and the scientist’s dreams are ruined. But there are rumours that something has survived.  Is the nightmare beginning again ? 
Jurassic Park was one of the most popular books of recent years.  It was also a hugely successful film directed by Steven Spielberg.  The Lost World is the thrilling and long awaited sequel.  It broke box-office records in the summer of 1997. 
Michael Crichton has written several other very successful books inclding  Disclosure and  Congo. 
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The Mill on the Floss by:  GEORGE ELIOT            0 140 815171   
Maggie Tulliver, impulsive and imaginative, live in a small English village with her family. She loves her brother deeply, but he does not understand her. She becomes friends with a boy her brother disapproves of, and the consequences gradually turn into tragedy.     classic.  
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The Mosquito Coast by: PAUL THEROUX           0 140 81454X 
Allie Fox hates America and he hates the 20th century. He and his family go to the Honduras jungle to make a new, simple life - but Allie starts to go mad and life becomes much more frightening than it was before. 
Tragedy and farce in the Honduras jungle. Harrison Ford starts in the recent smash-hit film.  
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The Picture of Dorian Gray by: OSCAR WILDE          0 140 815724 
As the years pass, Dorian Gray always looks young and handsome. A picture of Dorian Gray is locked in a dark room. What has happened to the picture and why no one ever see it.? A classic. 
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Primary Colours by: ANONYMOUS              0 140 81678X 
Jack Stanton is a young governor but has more ambitious ideas - he wants to be President of the USA. Henry Burton can help him achieve his dream but he knows Stanton will do almost anything to win. Henry is about to discover the dark secrets in Stanton’s past and will then have to decide for himself what is right and wrong.  
It is not a true story, but it is based on recent American Presidents. Because of this, the author, a famous American Journalist, has kept his name a secret. It is now also a successful film starring John Tavolta. 
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Seven by: ANTHONY BRUNO          0 140 816380 
‘You ever hear of the seven deadly sins, Mills? Greed, gluttony, wrath, envy, sloth, pride, and lust.’ 
Detective Somerset has only seven more days before he retires to a new, peaceful life in the country. But before he can leave he and his partner Mills have to find a murderer who is killing people in the most horrible ways. 
This chilling suspense story is based on the hugely successful Hollywood thriller starring Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman. 
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Strangers on a Train by: PATRICIA HIGHSMITH            0 140 814884 
‘You murder my father and I’ll murder your wife.’ 
After Guy Haines meets Charley Bruno on a train he is pulled into a world of madness, lies and death - from which there is no escape.     A chilling psychological thriller by one of the very best writers of contemporary crime fiction. 
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White Fang by: JACK LONDON            0 140 815392 
‘The land was enormous, white with snow, and silent. Into the still, lifeless silence broke the sounds and movements of life - of dogs breathing, and men calling to the dogs...’ White Fang is one of these dogs. White Fang is the greatest fighter of them all... 
One of the greatest adventure. 
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