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Not a Penny More, Not a Penny Less by: JEFFREY ARCHER   0 140 816062 
Henry Metcalfe is very rich, very clever and not very honest. But this time he has stolen money from the wrong men. Stephen Bradley knows he can get his money back, with the help of three others who lost money. Together they think of four clever plans to get back the $1,000,000 Harvey stole from them, without him realizing what they have done. 
Jeffrey archer’s first blockbuster. It has sold thousand of copies all over the world and was made into a television film in 1990. 
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The Portrait of a Lady by: HENRY JAMES          0 140 816267 
Isabel Archer is an independent, intelligent young woman without much money. When her father dies, her rich aunt takes her to Europe where Isabel has to make important decisions about money, love and happiness.   A film of The Portrait  of  a Lady has been made starring Nicole Kidman. 
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Princes Diana by: CHERRY GILCHRIST           0 140 816879 
Princess Diana - the most famous, most photographed woman in the world. This Reader is about her life, her role in the Royal family, About Prince Charles and her two sons, William and Harry, about her glamorous life-style, beautiful clothes and celebrity friends. But most importantly, it is also a look at her devoted work among the poor and sick of the world that led her to become known as the ‘Queen of Hearts’. 
This sensitive portrait of the “People’s Princess’ is illustrated with full colour photographs throughout .  
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Psycho by: ROBERT BLOCH         0140 816798 
Marion is lost on a dark and lonely road, she’s tired and hungry and afraid. She thinks she’s dreaming when she sees a motel sign shining in the darkness - Bates Motel. But for Marion the nightmare is just beginning...  
Psycho is on of the most famous horror films of all time and a spine-chilling story.  
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Rain Man by: LEONORE FLEISCHER               0 140 815449 
Charlie Babbit thinks he will get a lot of money when his father dies. However, the money goes to someone he does not know - a man who lives in hospital and is the brother Charlie never knew. The two men meet; this is the start of a surprising new life for them. 
A deeply emotional story  - and also released as a major film. 
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The Reluctant Queen by: JEAN PLAIDY           0 140 814701 
Anne, the beautiful daughter of the Earl of Warwick, wants to  marry Richard, the Duke of Gloucester. But  Anne lives in a dangerous world where money is more important than love. Her father tells her to marry Edward, Prince of France. 
Intrigue, love and betrayal at a royal court - absorbing from the first page to the last. 
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Ring of Bright Water by: GAVIN MAXWELL        0 140 816720 
This is the story of the author’s life in a wild and remote area of Schotland called Camusfearna, and of three otters, Chahala, Mijbil and Edal, who become his constant companions. 
Beautiful, moving, and often funny as well, Gavin Maxwell’s book is a classic tale of a man’s relationship with the natural world around him. It is also an enchanting film. 
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The Road Ahead by: BILL GATES    0 140 816518 
What is the information highway? How will the new technology change our lives?  
The Road Ahead is Bill Gates’ vision of the future. In it he describes how he thinks the revolution of the information age will change the way we buy, work, learn and communicate with each other. 
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Santorini by: ALISTAIR MACLEAN     0 140 81583X 
A British warship in the Mediterranean watches an American plane crash into the sea. Minutes later a Greek sailing boat, on fire, starts to sink. Captain Talbot, on the warship is soon to find out that these two accidents are part of a terrible plan and that he is the only person who will be able to save the world.   Brilliant entertainment from a muster of storyteller. Alistair MacLean wrote twenty-nine world bestsellers. 
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The Secret Agent by: JOSEPH CONRAD        0 140 816690 
Mr. Verloc is an anarchist and wants to see a revolution in Britain. But he also wants to live a quiet life looking after his shop. Then Mr. Vladimir orders him to bomb the Greenwich Observatory in London. Will Mr. Verloc do the job - and what will happen if it all goes wrong?  Joseph Conrad’s classic political tale has been made into a powerful film starring Patricia Arquette and Gerard Depardieu. 
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Sense and Sensibility by: JANE AUSTEN           0 140 816348 
Mrs. Dashwood and her two daughters must leave their family home and move to a small house in another part of the country. They don’t have much money now and must live quietly. Marianne and Elinor fall in love and learn some terrible secrets before they find happiness.  Sense and Sensibility is now an Oscar-winning film starring Emma Thompson.  
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Sherlock Holmes and the Mystery of Boscombe Pool by: ARTHUR  CONAN DOYLE                                                                       0 140 815120 
Who killed Charles McCarthy? and why? Was it really his son? Sherlock Holmes, the famous English detective, must answer these questions. His friend, Dr. Watson, helps.          An intriguing story about Sherlock Holmes, the best-known and most eccentric detective in English literature. 
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St. Agnes’ Stand by: THOMAS EIDSON          0 140 81633X 
Swanson has killed a man and is on the run from the dead man’s friends. His plans of escape are ruined by a nun called Sister St. Agnes who needs his help to save her and group of children from Apache Indians. This is a hauntingly beautiful story about the American West.    Thomas Eidson’s first novel. 
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StarGate by: D. DEVLIN, R. EMMERICH & S. BLACK            0 140 815813 
In 1928 archaeologists found a mysterious stone with the inscription: ‘A Million years into the sky is Ra, Sun God.’ Sixty years later, in the USA, a young archaeologist, Daniel Jackson, finds a way to open the StarGate. What is on the other side?  
StarGate is a successful film by Roland Emmerich. 
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Summer of  My German Soldier by: BETTE GREEN                 0 140 815538 
During  the  Second World War, a group of German prisoners are sent to work in the small town of  Jenkinsville, USA.  Here,  Patty Bergen, a young  Jewish girl, befriends one of the prisoners, Anton. When he escapes from prison,  she decides to help him - and put herself in danger. 
'Many people will hear this story about a Jewish girl and a German prisoner. It shows that people can be friends, after all ...' 
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The Thirty-Nine Steps  by:  JOHN  BUCHAN                          0 140 815287            
A man is killed in Richard Hannay’s apartment, The police think Hannay is the murderer. Can Hannay find the real killers? And what is the secret of the thirty-nine steps?    A classic, world-famous adventure story written in 1915 - it has been made into a film four times. 
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Thunder Point by: JACK HIGGINS              0 140 815945 
Sean Dillon likes a good adventure, but this time he’s in trouble - in the beautiful but dangerous water of the Caribbean. Somewhere in that German submarine is a dead man’s secret, a secret that people will kill for. But can Dillon get  to it first? 
Adventure and excitement from the world’s number one storyteller. His novels have sold over 150 million copies and have been translated into 39 languages.      
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Time Bird by: JOHN ESCOTT             0 140 815406 
Mia is on holiday with her mother and grandfather in a small town by the sea. She sees a mysterious bird again and again. She knows she has to follow it, but why? Where will the bird take her? What will she have to do?  This is a gripping mystery story.        
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The Turn of the Screw by: HENRY JAMES            0 140 815694 
A young lady comes to a big country house to teach two young children. Strange things begin to happen. The children are very beautiful but are they really good? And how did the last governess die?  A terrible story of ghosts and danger begins. Can the new  
governess help the children? Many people say it is the best ghost story in the world. 
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Twice Shy by:  DICK FRANCIS            0 140 815015               
Two brothers, two stories.  A thief  wants something he thinks the brothers have got - a computer program that tells you which horse is going to win a race.  And the thief is ready to kill for the program ..... 
An action - packed  thriller by one of  Britain’s  top-selling  contemporary crime novelists. 
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