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Forrest Gump by: WINSTON GROOM                      0 140 816127 
‘I was born an idiot - but I am cleverer then most people think,’ says Forrest Gump. And this quickly becomes clear in this wonderfully warm and funny story about a good hearted young man from Alabama who wins a medal for being so brave in the Vietnam War, who meets the president of the United States of America, but whose best friend is an ape called Sue! 
Forrest Gump is now an Oscar-winning film, Starring Tom Hanks. In its first 18 days, this film took $100 million in American cinemas. 
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The Fugitive by: J M DILLARD                                  0 140 816119 
One night a man kills Dr Richard Kimble’s wife. It was a man with one arm, but the police think Kimble did it. He escapes from the police and searches for the man with one arm. But detective Gerard is looking for Kimble, too. Kimble has to work fast to find his wife’s killer, because Gerard wants Kimble dead or alive. 
The fugitive is a big Hollywood film starring Harrison Ford. 
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Get Shorty by: ELMORE LEONARD                          0 140 816356 
In Miaimi, Chili Palmer was a gangster. He’s in Hollywood  now’ helping his new friend Harry Zimm to make a movie. But the movie business is as dangerous as Chili’s old business. A new enemy wants him out of the way and an old enemy hasn’t forgotten his. It’s getting ‘hot’ in Hollywood.   Get Shorty is a very successful Hollywood film. Starring John Travolta, Gene Hackman and Danny de Vito. 
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Goggle Eyes by: ANNE FINE                                      0140 816399 
‘Goggle Eyes was always there, and the house didn’t feel like my home. He was everywhere... I just hated him.’  When Kitty’s mum finds a new boyfriend everything changes for Kitty. He is taking her mother away from her. But what can Kitty do to get her old life back? 
Goggle Eyes was on TV in England. Ann Fine is the author of ‘ Madame Doubtfire’. 
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How to be an Alien by: G. MIKES with illustrations by N. BENTLEY    0 140 816755 
How to be an Alien is the funniest book you will read about the English! 
Why are English people so different from Europeans? George Mikes’ book tries to explain the strange things the English do and say, and this descriptions will make you laugh and laugh! 
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Jane Eyre by: CHARLOTTE BRONTE          0 140 815252 
Jane Eyre is a poor young teacher who works for the rich Mr. Rochester. She loves him and wants to marry him. He loves Jane too, 
but he has a secret which brings them great sadness.       A powerful, timeless tale of love, written in 1847. It is regarded as a one of the finest novel in the English language. 
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King Solomon’s Mines by: H. RIDER HAGGARD         0 140 814647 
Three man go deep into unknown parts of Africa to look for a lost friend. After many dangerous adventures, they find him. and in  a secret room inside a mountain they also find some amazing treasures... 
This classic adventure novel was published in 1885. 
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Little Women by: LOUISA MAY ALCOTT          0 140 816313 
An American classic about the four March sisters, Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy. The story of their loves, problems and adventures in sometimes sad, often funny but always charming.  It was recently made into a film. 
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Madame Doubtfire by: ANNE FINE       0 140 814949 
Miranda Hilliard does not live with her husband, Daniel. One day Madame Doubtfire comes to work for Miranda to help with  looking after the children. But Madame Doubtfire seems strange, more like a man than a woman! 
This funny story is now a popular film starring Robin Williams. 
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The Man with Two Shadows and Other Ghost Stories by: T. HOOD  
  0 140 815422 
some people do not really die. Things are not what they seem. In these six mysterious stories, strange things happen. One ghost returns to catch his murderer, another to find stolen money, and a third to find money lost for hundreds of years... 
Six eerie ghost stories by for famous writers. 
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Matilda by: ROALD DAHL               0 140 816828 
Matilda is a very clever, very special little girl with stupid, terrible parents who don’t like or appreciate her. One day Miss Trunchbull, the horrible headmistress at her school, attacks her and Matilda finds she had extraordinary powers to protect  
herself. Now she isn’t frightened of anyone!   Captivating and exciting, Matilda, has recently been made into a very entertaining film starring Danny de Vito. 
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More Heroic Failures by: STEPHEN PILE        0 140 815333 
‘ We all know people that are really good at doing things badly’. In these true stories we meet some of these people - the robber who lost more money than he stole, and the man who burst down half his house.  very very funny. 
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My Fair Lady by: ALAN J. LERNER         0 140 816372 
Eliza Doolittle is a poor flower-seller in Victorian London who had a very strong London accent. Professor Higgins chooses her for an experiment. He decides to teach her to speak like an upper-class lady but things don’t happen exactly as he plans... 
This wonderful story was first a play called Pygmalion by the famous writer George Bernard Shaw. It was made into one of the best-known musical of all time and then a film starring Audrey Hepburn. 
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My Family and Other Animals by: GERALD DURRELL          0 140 814531 
This very funny book is about an English family who live on the Greek island of Corfu. There, the youngest boy, Gerald, collects all sorts of animals and brings them back to his house. His family think this is a very bad idea!    Sun, sand - and snakes. 
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