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Baywatch: The Inside Story by: DEBBIE SCHWARTZ              0 140 81650X  
Baywatch, one of the most popular television series in the world, is the story of lifeguards on a Californian beach. This book gives you all the information you want about the lives, adventures and relationships of your favourite characters and the actors who play them. It also has fascinating sections about the California beach lifestyle and the work real lifeguards do everyday.  
Debbie Schwartz is the Producer of Baywatch and has helped to create many of the characters, She has won many awards for her Baywatch writing.  
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The Birds by: DAPHNE DU MAURIER            0 140 814744  
It is a very cold winter. There are more birds than usual. And Nat is afraid. But why? And then the birds come - thousands and thousands of them. They are hungry. And they want to kill... A story of suspense and terror by one of the most gripping writers of the 20th century. It is also a film.  
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The Canterville Ghost and The Model Millionaire by: OSCAR WILDE   
    0 140 815651  
For three hundred years, the ghost at Canterville Chase frightened everybody  in the house. Then, one day, an American family come to live there. The ghost tries hard to frighten them but he learns that this family is different...   
In Model Millionaire, Hughie Erskine, a very nice young man, thinks a millionaire is a beggar. Hughie gives the beggar some money. What does the millionaire do for Hughie?  
Two classic short stories from Oscar Wilde (1854-1900).  
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The Cay by: THEODORE TAYLOR        0 140 81647X  
Phillip and Timothy were on a small Dutch ship in the Caribbean Sea during the Second World War. A German boat attacked and sank their boat and they escaped in a life boat. After floating in the sea for two or three days, during which time Phillip goes blind, they arrive at the Ďcayí an island, where they must wait for help.  
The Cay is a classic book which made into a film too.   
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Chocky by: JOHN WYNDHAM              0 140 815430  
Matthew has a friend that no one can see: Chocky. Everyone else thinks Chocky is not real. But she is. She lives in Matthewís gead. He starts to do strange things, and no one understands what is happening. What can his mother and father do to help him? And what will Chocky do? This captivating story is by one of Britainís greatest 20th century science fiction writers. It also a film now.   
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Danteís Peak by: DEWEY GRAM          0 140 81681X  
Harry Dalton is a volcano expert who goes to the beautiful town of Danteís Peak in Washington State to investigate reports of some unusual activity underground. He soon realizes something is terribly wrong - but can anyone stop a volcano?  
An exciting story that you wonít be able to put down, Danteís Peak is also a Blockbusting film from Hollywood with amazing special effects.   
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The Diary by: PAUL STEWART          0 140 815848  
John Beeching is unhappy. He hasnít got a girlfriend. He hasnít got a job. Then, one cold but sunny day, he finds a strange diary. He doesnít write in the diary - the diary writes messages to him! From that day on, everything gets better for john Beeching. The question is, will it stay better - or will he learn that, sometimes, it is dangerous to know too much?  
A chilling mystery story you wonít be able to put down!   
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Donít Look Behind You by: LOIS DUNCAN         0 140 81552X  
Someone has tried to kill April Corriganís father, and now April and her family must move from Virginia to Florida, to start up again in a new town, with new names. Things go badly for April in Florida. How can she forget her boyfriend, her friends and her home in Virginia? Then the same gunman finds April and her grandmother. What can they do to stop him?  
This thrilling story will keep you on the edge of your seat.  
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Donít Look Now by: DAPHNE DU MAURIER           0 140 816682  
John and Laura are on holiday in Venice. Venice is beautiful but it is dangerous, dangerous for them. Who are two old sisters, and why do they keep following them? Who is the killer?  
An engrossing and sinister novel by a 20th-century master - impossible to put down. Also made into a classic film.  
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Emily by: JILLY COOPER            0 140 814736  
Every woman who sees Rory Balniel wants him. Emily marries Rory and they go to live on a Scottish island. Emily meets Roryís family - and Marina, the beautiful Marina. Soon Emily knows that Rory and Marina are in love. But there is something worse than that...   
Glamour, romantic liaisons and disaster amongst the idle rich  - by one of the best-selling writers of contemporary popular fiction  
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Flour Babies by: ANNE FINE                  0 140 815791  
The boys in Class 4C, the worst students in the school, have a special project. Their teacher tells them they must look after flour babies, three kilos of flour in a bag, and write about what happens every day in a Baby Book. Simon Martin loves his four baby and starts to think about his own father...  
A moving story from the author of Madame Doubtfire.  
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Fly Away Home by: PATRICIA HERMES           0 140 816836  
Amy Alden finds a nest of gooseís eggs and brings them home. The baby geese think she is their mother and follow her wherever she goes! Amy and her dad know the geese must fly south for the winter. They will have to teach the to fly away home...  
This story made into a beautiful photographed film starring Anne Paquin and Jeff Daniels.  
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The Fox by: D H LAWRENCE            0 140 814868  
A young man comes to stay with two women who live together on a farm. This story tells how he loves one of the women, and how he wins her love. A classic by one of the most original writers of this century (1885-1930). It was made into a film.  
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Free Willy by: TODD STRASSER              0 140 816402  
Willy is a killer whale who was taken from the sea at a very young age and kept at the North West Adventure Park to entertain visitors. When Jesse, an unhappy eleven-year-old boy with no home or family, sees Willy he knows he has to save him.  
This book has been made into a delightful and warm-hearted film.   
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The Ghost of Genny Castle by: JOHN ESCOTT           0 140 824655  
Claire goes to stay with her aunt Min. There is an old castle with a black tower in the village... and it has a dangerous secret. What is the secret?  Claire goes to the castle to see.         A mystery story.  
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Great Football Stories; Football Babylon by: RUSS WILLIAMS  
 0 140 816747  
 This is a book of some of the best and the funniest football stories from around the world. How does money change  football? Where do the worst fights happen and why? How did football start? Some of the answers will surprise you.  
Itís a funny old game, isnít it?  
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Grandadís Eleven by; JERENY TAYLOR        0 140 815325  
Albert Fenn and his friends are all over sixty years old - and they all want to play football! With their young friend, Ashraf, they start a team: ĎGrandadís Elevení!   This is a delightful tale.  
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Hercules : The Legendary Journeys - By the Sword  
by: TIMOTHY BOGGS         0 140 817131              New   
Hercules - half man, half god. He travels the earth helping the poor and the weak. He is the hero of the innocent. Zorin steals the sword of Zeus, King of the Gods, made for him by Hephaestus, God of fire. Hercules must find it before Zorin, and his evil forces, rule the world.  
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Hercules : The Legendary Journeys - Serpentís  Shadow  
by: TIMOTHY BOGGS           0 140 817158                    New   
A  sea-monster is terrifying the village of Themon. Hercules goes to help the innocent villagers, but there he finds more danger than he expects - his old enemy, the Goddess Hera, wants to kill Hercules! Can he defeat her in time ?  
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Jaws by: PETER BENCHLEY         0 140 816682  
Amity is a quiet town near New York. One night a young woman goes for a swim in the sea. She doesnít come back. The next morning the police find her. dead body on the beach...  
Brody is a good policeman and he is sure there is a shark near Amity. He tries to close the beaches but no one will listen to him.  
Jaws is one the most popular films ever made. It is a thrilling and terrifying adventure which might make you  scream with fear.  
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Jumanji: by: TODD STRASSER           0 140 816429  
Jumanji is a strange and dangerous game. When someone throws the dice unusual things start to happen and the players must finish the game - before it finishes them. Peter and Judy find the Jumanji Box hidden in a room at the top of an old house and their adventures begin...  
The film of Jumanji features fantastic special effects and stars Robin Williams.  
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