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This is the world of RhyDin . . .

The world of RhyDin is the world of illusions.

A world of illusions made reality. The imagination of a human being can spark a thousand images, monsters and dreams, all of whom have been given birth and rise in RhyDin. All things are true and real; illusion is the only illusion. Anything and everything conceivable and inconceivable to the human mind exists here.

The world of RhyDin is the world of fantasies.

A place where dreams come true, where the whimsical imaginings of the child within us all take wing and soar, and the light of hope burns brightest, never to be extinguished by the ugliness of reality. All normal worries are to be left at the threshold of this world . . . there are plenty of new ones to think about. And remember, anytime you want to leave, freedom is only a step away . . . so long as you have the option to leave when things get too tough, your worries never seems that bad.

The world of RhyDin is a world of magic.

This is no magician's trick, ladies and gentlemen . . . no light show, no fake claims of power. We are the masters of the sorceries, the witches and wizards and dragons whose powers have fascinated the human beings who brought them to life for centuries, their magic recorded in countless fantastic stories of daring crusades and victories for all time, their intrigue undying and forever.

But most of all, the world of RhyDin is the world of eternal night.

A world of theives, assassins, murders, demons, and creatures so dangerous that the mere thought of them is enough to bring a lifetime of nightmares. They are the things that haunt our days and our nights, both less and more real than the impending threat of war, stockmarket crash, theft, or lost love. No one knows what lurks in the shadows when the sun goes down . . . the precious few hours of daylight are not sanctuary enough for those who come here unprepared.

Once you set foot in RhyDin . . . you are changed forever . . .

Her name is StarFire in the language of Avalon, its translation too powerful for common knowledge. She was born to the Lady Samaria of the Holy Isle of Avalon, over two thousand years ago, and then cast out, never to return to the place of her birth. She has survived the changes of the years, adapted, and grown despite the blows dealt to her heart. This is her story . . .

~*~ Moonlight glints off tears that shine in her big, sorrowful emerald eyes, set in that intense, pale ivory face. Perhaps you feel sorry for her, she seems so sad and lonely, or perhaps you see her as easy prey, seemingly weak. Whatever the reason, she seems to attract you like a moth to a flame. She looks up, black hair falling into her enchanting green eyes, full, blood-red lips parted slightly . . . so enticed by those eyes have you become that you don't notice the dagger clenched in her delicate hand until she runs it into your belly. The world tilts and you find yourself on the ground, the girl kneeling beside you. She smiles, and for the first time you see the gleaming white fangs in her mouth, She's stronger than you thought . . . you can't move as her head bends to sink her fangs into your throat, although the injury was not severe. She wouldn't have wanted to waste the sweet blood she drinks from, your life's blood. She watches your eyes with a sadistic pleasure as you relinquish your hold on life . . . those mocking emerald eyes are the last thing you see as you plunge into eternal darkness. ~*~


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The Continuing Story

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Regards and Musings of StarFire
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