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My Buddies

Tammy: My best friend. The best that they come. You've seen me through alot and I'm very grateful of that. We spent 4 years of our lives together and made a giant impact on each other. We did most of our "growing up" together. I know we are in different states and time zones now, but your friendship stays with me. If you are reading this thank you for everything.

Darius: My Baby Jordan. Playing ball with you for a few years was the best. Even though I'm taking a year off from playing, I made a promise to play my senior year for you and I will. And don't forget, I want NBA tickets when you make it to the Bulls.

Kristen: My "little sister". We all miss you here. You had to cry when we left, didn't you? It made it so hard to leave. You were the best neighbor and friend. I hope you have fun staying in Misawa. We will eat a couple chocolate chip cookies for you.

Kim: We did have fun times in Spanish. Especially with Matt. We got yelled at to keep quiet so many times. It wasn't that interesting anyway. (Spanish that is) We had some good laughs. Thanks for being a friend.

Lindsay: I was debating on whether or not to put you on here! J/K!! Kim and Lindsay the unseparable team. It was fun trying to beat the bell every day at lunch. And Burger King was just a couple blocks away. Is it still mashed potatoes?

Bill, Raelyn, and kids: You guys were the best family that I could babysit for. You kids were just like sisters and brother to me. You girls made it easier to take care of William. You did a good job of helping me with him. I'll never have a better babysitting job again.

All the guys at airplane park: We had fun playing ball and I miss it. I actually even miss J.M., well kicking him off the court anyway. Keep playing and never forget our victory over the chapel park.

Mindy: I miss you babe! I hope you are enjoying college. Thanks for being a great friend while I was in Minot.

Chris Jurado: My beloved, long lost friend I finally found. The joys of the internet. Remember that time with the movies and Jason, and the time mix up? That was funny, but somewhat disappointing. Keep strong, and never lose touch.

Jason Yu: My buddy since seventh grade. Where are you? Chris is also looking for you. I found you, then lost your e-mail address. Find us please. Hi Jason! Thanks for the great e-mail! It's good to hear from you again.

Greg Cutter: Anyone who can help me find this guy will be loved by me forever. Last I heard he was in CA, but now I don't know. Greg, if you are out there, I'm sorry, please contact me.

Eric: Hey Enrique! How's ole North Dakota. Uff da, I say! lol Have you visited the submarine station lately? Take care of yourself and good luck with college. Can't wait to see you at my graduation.

Narie: JOHN BOY!!! I love you babe. I hope you are having fun and not stressing too much. I'm so happy you got into your college!! You will do great. I hope you make it to my graduation, that'll be so fun! Miss you beautiful. Stay innocent, *cough cough*! =)

Jeremiah: Wow, I can't believe we found each other again. It's been so long, since sixth grade. I can't believe that I found you and now I have to leave you. I'm going to miss you when I leave. You changed so much since sixth grade, but don't change anymore, you're perfect the way you are.

Jimmy: My brother. I hope you enjoy your time at Minot, it's a great place. A little cold, but well worth it. You've grown up so fast. *sigh* You'll still always be my little brother.

Nitasha: You have made me feel welcome here in Jacksonville. If it weren't for you I'd probably be sitting by myself at lunch and not really knowing anyone. Thanks, I hope our friendship grows as we get to know each other.

Cory: You are my bestest friend. I know you and Greg are eventually going to kill each other. Thanks for all the back rubs.

Tim: You are so sweet. Taking me to prom and homecoming! You are most definitely a wonderful friend. You left us at work to go to Staples, how could you? I'd miss you.

Greg: My beloved boyfriend and friend! Remember it's cache (cash eh) =8^) Thanks for letting me know that I have cold hands and a warm heart!!!

Justin: Hey past life buddy! Glad I met you (again)!! hehehe After 3 1/2 hours of talking I really got to know you and you are a great guy with awesome taste in music!!! I'll see you for a hockey game!

Nate: Thanks for the picture! Looking good! Keep in touch =)

Marchelle: I would throw in a 3 AM joke, but that's gone. To cure snoring, I suggest stuffing a sock in the person's mouth. It worked once before with a friend of mine at a sleep over! Keep in touch, even if you move to Grand Forks. I miss you!

Spidey: hey hey Spiderman! Take off your shades so we can see that cute face of yours! Thanks for making my life a little more interesting!! And stop looking at leotards!

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