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And Now a Big Welcome To Shakerlady's Salt and Pepper Shaker Page

And Now a Big Welcome To Shakerlady's Salt and Pepper Shaker Page

And Now a Big Welcome To Shakerlady's Salt and Pepper Shaker Page

Hi there ! Thanks for dropping by ! My name is Shakerlady, and if you haven't guessed by now , I collect novelty and figural salt and pepper shakers !

If you have a collection to sell, and I can't buy your collection, I will be happy to tell you how you can place an ad in the club newsletter, so everyone in the club will have the same opportunity to buy the collection. Just scroll down to the e-mail link below to send me an e-mail.
I don't do appraisals, but I am happy to share information with you about what I know about shakers.

There are many books out there that will give you values for the shakers. ( You can find most of these books at Barnes & Noble Bookstores. Sometimes you will have to order them, and some of them can be found on Ebay in the shaker category )
Many of the books are type specific, i.e., miniatures, series, nodders, children's world, and so on. Many of the books I am listing have been written by club members.

Larry Carey & Sylvia Tompkins wrote the first six books.
Their books are:
1001 Salt & Pepper Shakers ( Black Americana, Cat characters, Niagra Falls, and Mermaids ),
1002 Salt & Pepper Shakers ( Nodders, Fitz & Floyd, and Parkcraft ),
1003 Salt and Pepper Shakers ( Disney, Hanna-Barbera, Warner Brothers, Walter Lantz, Foreign characters, Various US characters, Entertainment characters, and Mascots / symbols )
1004 Salt and Pepper Shakers ( Nursery rhymes and Literary characters ),
1005 Salt and Pepper Shakers ( miniatures and Famous Personalities )
1006 Salt and Pepper Shakers ( advertising )

Irene Thornburg has written two books. They are :

Collecting Salt & Pepper Shaker Series
The Big Book of Salt & Pepper Shaker Series

Irene Thornburg and Sylvia Tompkins have 2 books called :

America's salt & pepper shakers
All-American Salt & Pepper Shakers ( both books are on American potteries )

Then there is the book by Mike Schneider :
The Complete Salt and Pepper Shaker Book ( outdated older values & not really easy to use as the values are in the back of the book )
He also did one on Ceramic Arts Studio that has more than shakers in it. It covers almost everything Ceramic Arts Studio did. It is called :
Ceramic Arts Studio Identification and Price Guide

Then there are several written by Helene Guarnaccia, and several by Melva Davern, but they were written years ago, and the values are all outdated.

This question seems to get asked alot !
"If the shakers aren't marked, which shaker has the most holes?"
Well here is the answer I was told when I started collecting :
I believe that most collectors would say that your question is the most asked question about shakers ! Or maybe the second most asked ( after how or why did you start collecting ! )
I have always been told that the shaker with the larger ( if the same number of holes ) or the one with more holes is the pepper, because it is more coarse than salt and needs more room to get out ! I don't know if this is right or not.

This may be one of those questions that there is no right or wrong answer !

And here is another collectors view : Most collectors think the most holes belong to the salt shaker, because in the early days salt was much more coarse than it is today. If there are the same number of holes, then the shaker with the larger holes is thought to be the salt shaker for the same reason as above.

As you can see, no one knows for sure what the answer is !

We really have some talented people in our club ! Would you like to see the Club web page ? Then click on the shakin' shakers below, and you will be transported to the club web page !

If the link here or at the bottom of the page will not work, please copy and paste this URL in your browser's address line to go to the club website :

To send me an e-mail, click the cute little shaker couple below !

Would you like to see the shaker costume contest from the 2001 convention ?
OK here is what the shakers looked like :

The first sets 3 on the left were done as 1 person costumes, the 3 sets on the right were done as 2 person costumes.
And this is what the costumes looked like :

Our daughter was Kermit the frog and she won first place in the 1 person contest. The winner of the 2 person contest was the 2 men that did the angry wife and the man in the dog house.

Here are some pictures of some of my shakers ! These 4 pictures are clickable links. Just click on them to see in full size !

tallboys and long boys

The main shakers in this picture are the long boys. They are all one piece shakers with the salt coming from the front end of the animal and the pepper coming from the back end ! All are close to 10 inches or so.

The main one in this picture is of the BIG CHICKEN ( it's realy a Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant ) in Marietta GA, a suburb of Atlanta GA. Everyone uses the "Big Chicken" as a landmark for giving directions there ! Our daughter gave me that set when she lived and worked in Atlanta.

Now these 3 pictures are of nodder shakers. At least one of the shakers nod in a base. Most nodders have both shakers that nod. There are common white base nodders, there are fat tube nodders, there are figural base nodders. And yes nodders are some of my most favorite shakers !

The shakers above are all tallboys. They are all over 6 inches tall and a couple of sets are over 10 inches tall !

The above pictures show a few of my Disney sets, and a few of my advertizing sets.

These sets in the bottom picture are the International Sweetheart series. I have all 18 sets in this series. In the back are 2 more tall sets. The Humpty Dumpty and Mrs. Humpty, and the tall Lefton spoon and fork.

If you click on the next set of shakin' shakers, you will be transported to another web page directed at gaining more information about The Salt & Pepper Novelty Shakers Club !

Would you like to see some of the shakers I have made ? (Click to see larger images) Many of the shakers I have made are 1 piece shakers, miniature shakers (under 2 inches tall), some are small, but too big to be considered a mini, and this is a nodder set that was used for raising funds for the Heartland chapter.

I had the priveledge of making this set for the national club for the 2009 national convention.

I make a set each year that is a one of a kind and is sold at auction at the national convention. The proceeds from this auction are used for the junior membership. The shakers are made and donated in memory of Irene Thornburg, a dear friend that passed away. She was one of the founding members of the national club, she wrote some of the best reference books,and co-authored some too. Irene was one of the officers in office when the junior membership was started in our club.
2008 set
2009 set
2010 set

I made this set for the 2010 California mini convention.

And now more shakers that I have made

I belong to The Novelty Salt & Pepper Shakers Collectors Club at the national level. In this club we have a convention each year

( that's me when I won second place in the costume contest at the national convention in Wisconsin ! ) in a different place each year, and we have a great newsletter that comes out 4 times a year, that is filled with lots of information,
( about 60 pages in each newsletter ) We have contests, buying and selling of shakers, auctions, speakers that are experts in the shaker field, and lots of fun !

I also belong to several local chapters of the national club, Heartland Chapter Salt & Pepper Club, Minnesota, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Garden State, and Wisconsin chapters.

Thanks so much for dropping by !

My Favorite Links

The national club website